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Brainwave Sound Stimulation: Therapies

by Ugur Dogan

A complete new brainwave entrainment technology, introduced as sound or light which can stimulate any specific part of the brain and the body.
Yogyakarta, YO Indonesia Alternative Therapies New Practice WarOnCOVID challenge

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About our project

The problem we solve: - Discovery of new neurological systems. - Discovery of how the brain and the body exactly works. - Build the complete anatomy of the brain and the body based on how the brain mapped its frequency addresses. - Treat non-invasive any kind of disorder! - Enhance and evolve any function of the brain and the body. Including aging.

About our solution: A method for incorporating brainwave entrainment into an audio or light composition by selectively modulating sound or light elements within the composition. The invention provides a way to specify and modulate individual frequency components in an audio or light composition, according to alter and stimulate the specific desired parts and areas of the brain or the parts of the body based on dendritic tree structure principle.

Progress to date:

In the last 5 years:

- Mapped roughly all the brain frequency address codes based on how the  brain has mapped itself.

- Discovered new unknown brain systems.

- Introduced more than 30 psychological, 30 physical and 30 enhancements therapy apps on appstores used more than 3 million times ranging from 40 to 99% improvement.


About Our Team

Creator: Ugur Dogan

Location: Yomou

Education: Hogeschool Utrecht - The Netherlands

Bio: Studied Electro-Mechanical Engineering. After a long work experience as IT Engineer, Ugur Dogan has been a music producer searching for his true sound. Combining all his experience and skills he has discovered a brainwave technology which can stimulate any part of the brain and the body. Ugur Dogan is the owner of Vital Tones producing unbelievable brain wave therapies for all kinds of disorders and enhancements.

Title: Brainwave Developer

About Our Company

Vital Tones

Location: Fasco Mansion
Yogyakarta, YO 55581

Founded: 2015


Product Stage: In the Market

Employees: 1-2

How We Help Patients

My therapy apps has already helped tens of thousands of patients from psychological and physical disorders. Even prevented suicide! Please check the reviews and ratings in the website and the appstores.

How We Help Physicians

Most neurological related disorders are hard to be treated by the physicians and other health professionals. It will be a great benefit to only measure the progress of the brainwave treatment which effective, safe and natural.

How We Help Hospitals

Hospitals will be less crowded. Most patients can be treated home-based and online diagnosed and consulted. Hospitals and Institutions will start new research project to learn how the brain and the body exactly work.

How We Help Partners

This technology is not for sale for patients who suffer from any disorder. All treatments for any disorder or disease which causes suffering will be world wide available for free! Only the enhancements for higher brain and body performance can be offered for sale. This technology is here to end the suffering of all. It is here to heal and balance the brain and the body! I will only work with partners who has the same purpose and ideals for this technology.

Challenge Mission

COVID Problem We Address

I believe my Flu-Corona brainwave sound treatment prevents, treat and restores any respiration disorders including covid-19!

This stimulation will advance the resistance against or treat the dangerous viruses like covid-19 no matter how old you are.

I have recently (March 2020) received only from one important user which showed how promising my treatment is:
She is from Italy, 82 years old who had 8 years of chronic cough and cold. After using only our first session for 3 days her cough have disappeared! She has used our treatment for a month. In total 1,5 month has passed and her cough and cold has not RETURNED!
This shows the sessions can heal lung diseases no matter how old you are!
Her son has been our main user and use with his wife also our flu treatment. Their family doctor is informed about their status. Any contact info about them can be provided.

The sessions provide sensations in the lung which should initially create a trust in our technology having the ability to stimulate phiysical parts of the body!

The best advantage of my treatments are:
- requires no FDA approval and can be directly tested/used on humans
- can be directly digitally worldwide available for free


Our COVID Solution

The first session stimulates the melatonin of the respiratory system to elicit anti-inflammatory and immune modulatory effects. 
Melatonin has the therapeutic value to enhance immune function in aged individuals and in patients in an immunocompromised state!

The second session stimulates the immune system of the respiratory system and restores it's maximum natural performance.

Each session is 30 minutes.


This treatment is similar to the vaccine principal which is training the immune system.


Innovation Details

Intellectual Property Summary

A patent has been filed 2 years ago.

Copyrights of the audio's and released apps on Apple, google and amazon appstore including youtube has also and already have a valid intellectual property.


Patent Link;jsessionid=53B531BD9D09A89C74957AD3881ECAED.wapp1nB?docId=US232819646&recNum=4068&office=&queryString=&prevFilter=&sortOption=Pub+Date+Desc&maxRec=71584081

Clinical Information

FDA approval for brainwave entrainemtn is not required!

Our therapies are used by hundreds of thousands of patients worldwide in the last 5 years without any major concern.

We posses thousands of Surveys forms received from our patients through our apps. 

Reviews, ratings and refund statistics also shows the results how real and effective our method is. 

Regulatory Status

FDA approval for brainwave entrainemtn is not required!

How we will use the funds raised

- Delegate this technology as the inventor to a neuro research lab/ team and collaborate to peer review this technology, reach and it's present and future treatments

- Partnerships


Thank You

I have been busy in research, dicovery and advancement of all my treatments for 5 years now. Thousands of received emails and surveys shows clearly this technology is the future of neuroscience to treat any psychological or physical disorders.

Futhermore it offers all kinds of new brain and body enhancement and performance including aging.




  • image
    Peter Crowder posted on 12th September, 2023

    Hello dear its my pleasure to have you here, i came across your campaign and am willing to support your campaign but before then i have an important question i want to ask you so kindly reach out me when you are back online

  • image
    Peter Crowder posted on 12th September, 2023

    Hello dear its my pleasure to have you here, i came across your campaign and am willing to support your campaign but before then i have an important question i want to ask you so kindly reach out me when you are back online

  • image
    Peter Crowder posted on 12th September, 2023

    Hello dear its my pleasure to have you here, i came across your campaign and am willing to support your campaign but before then i have an important question i want to ask you so kindly reach out me when you are back online

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Ugur Dogan
Brainwave Developer
Hogeschool Utrecht - The Netherlands

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