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BioParadigm - BEC: BEC (active component): Anti-cancer, Anti-psoriasis

by Pablo Diez Iturriaga

Natural skin cancer treatment with 100% effectiveness if continued passed 12 weeks, natural and safe psoriasis treatment, unique cosmetics and sunblock with propietary cancer prevention formulation.
Cheyenne, WY United States Cancer Care Equity Raise

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About our project

The problem we solve: Skin cancer treatments act supperficially and therefore the lesion often re-appears, some might produce systemic side effects, are invasive or leave scars or marks, require hospitalization, and / or are expensive. Psoriasis trreatments often provide a temporary rellief to the patient but does not completely treat the lesion. For that reason there is a backlog of 125 million cases of psoriasis worldwide. Cosmetics dont offer cancer prevention formulations. Sunblocks are not environmentally friendly and dont have cancer prevention formulations.

About our solution: All our lines of products contain BEC, active component with strong and precise anti cancer effects. Curaderm BCC kills cancer cells and leave all other cells intact. It acts profoundly assuring the patient that the cancer wont reappear, leaves no scars nor marks, has no systemic side effects, requires no participation of the physician nor hospotalization, and is affordable. It is natural and 100% effective (even in profound lesions if treatment used for at least 12 weeks). Our cosmetics and sunblock (Curasol) line of business are the only ones with cancer prevention formulations and in particular Curasol is environmentally friendly. Psorend, our Psoriasis treatment, has the same safety profile as our Curaderm skin cancer treatment, and treats Psoriasis in an effective way. Lots of people suffer from depression due to the fact that Psoriasis affects their daily life (it is a common belief that there is no cure for Psoriasis).

Progress to date:

Our Curaderm BCC treatment is approved for use in Europe. There are nearly 22 million cases yearly of skin cancer and actinic keratosis worldwide and nearly 9 million in Europe. In order to grow fast and register Curaderm rapidly as a drug (its safety profile and effectiveness makes this goal an easy one), we will use a "fee 4 referral" system to form a network of European dermatologists while we run a Phase IV Clinical Trial. Participant dermatologists will perceive a remuneration for their work to document each patient's lesions. Once we reach a minimum of 20,000 patients successfully treated of skin cancer/actinic keratosis, we will submit Curaderm for approval as drug in EMEA. We are modifying our website to accomodate the marketing strategy described above. Additionally, we have started to sell our product through selected dermatology clinics who have tried the product in patients, but this is the slow growth avenue of our marketing strategy so our enphasys is on other methods. We have designed and are implementing the initial stages of a public to prescriber marketing campaign which will add to our prescriber to public campaign. 

We will submit our cosmetics, sunblock and psoriasis treatments for approval to be used in Europe once we receive funding and will use the created network to market them, among other methods. 


About Our Team

Creator: Pablo Diez Iturriaga

Location: Buenos Aires

Bio: CFO Former CFO of GMI Group, including Global Metwire Injection SL (Spain), SACC (South Africa), CIL (UK) and SACC Tk (Turkey). Before that investment advisor at Banco Madrid, VP at CoInvest (Private Equity), and managerial positions in M&A at BOFA Merrill Lynch and JPMorganChase (New York). Prior to that, accountant at PriceWaterhouse Coopers. Bachellor in Business Administration, CPA & Lawyer.

Title: CFO and Partner

Advanced Degree(s): Bachelor in Business Administration, CPA and Lawyer

About Team Members

Gastón Cornu Labat
MD, Doctor
Biography: Research and Development, Oncology. Integrative Medicine and Oncology. Passionate dedication to research of cancer treatments for other types of cancers (besides skin cancer), based on BEC. Author and Public Speaker.
Title: MD
Advanced Degree(s): Doctor

Bill Elliott Cham
Phd, Doctor
Biography: Developer of BEC, Curaderm BCC, Curasol, Psorend and the Antiaging creams of Curaderm. Passionate life dedication to the research of cancer treatments for skin and other types of cancers. In constant search for increasing the wellness of humanity.
Title: Phd
Advanced Degree(s): Doctor

About Our Company

BioParadigm LLC

Location: 1623 Central Avenue
Suite 145
Cheyenne, WY 82001

Founded: 2020


Product Stage: In the Market

Employees: 3-5

How We Help Patients

Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer worldwide. It affects the white caucasian population the most, and the older the person, the higher the possibilities. Although it usually is not deadly, it can be if not treated early. Also, it can cause inconveniences to live with it. Surgeries are always risky, they leave scars, they involve hispotalization, and do not assure that the lesion wont reappear. Our product Curaderm BCC does it all. Our product Psorend comes to solve a vaccum in the market in that there is no real affordable safe way to treat Psoriasis. The cosmetics and sunblock line of business are unique formulations that prevent skin cancer. From all angles, our products beneft people.

How We Help Physicians

Physicians involved in our Phase IV will get compensation in the work they do and will be able to analyze the evolution of the lesion of the patient through app, therefore dermatologists will be able to dedicate their time to new patients.

Innovation Details

Intellectual Property Summary

BEC, active component of Curaderm BCC, that is also included in Curasol, Psorend and in the cosmetics line of business, has intellectual property rights.

Patent Link
Will provide individually if an investor requires proof of it.

Clinical Information

BEC has nearly 80% success rate in profound skin cancers when applied upto 8 weeks, and 100% when the treatment is applied for at least 12 weeks. It also treats more superficial lesions such as actinic keratosis. (Published bibliography on BEC)

Regulatory Status

Through our Phase IV strategy, we will get approved Curaderm BCC in Europe (EMEA) and USA (FDA) rapidly, given the safety and efficacy of the product. Once we have drug status for Curaderm BCC, we will use BEC to develop treatments for many other types of cancers. We have already made trials in other cancers and BEC works with safety and efficacy in several cancers, so it is our dream to eventually erradicate cancer from humans through treatments containing BEC. This is a 2º phase of our strategy though. For that we need to first grow in sales, reach a minimum 20,000 documented success cases of treating skin cancer through Curaderm BCC and then we will file for registration as drug. Only then the second phase of our dream will start.

How we will use the funds raised

We will grow our sales in Europe and we will seek approval of Curaderm BCC, Psorend, Curasol and the cosmetics line of business in Europe, the USA and other significant markets. Once we register the product in significant markets, sales should grow exponentially given the fact that our products Curaderm and Psorend are disruptive.

Thank You

We have a set of products that is second to none in skin cancer, actinic keratosis, psoriasis, sunblock and  cosmetics. We have ambitious plans thay include taking these disruptive products to the whole world, and the development of treatments for most other cancers. We believe we have found the magic bullet, name given to a unique medicine that treats many diseases. That magic bullet is BEC.

Investor Info

Market Size

The skin cancer and actinic keratosis market worldwide is of nearly 22 million cases year. Our treatment comes to replace surgeries, treatments that cause systemic side effects, treatments that leave marks or scars, or are expensive, or those that do not act propundly. In other words, being our produc the only that reunites all those characteristics it has the potential to become disruptive. In our valuation model we are forecasting a 12% market in 10 years. Regarding the sunblock, the world market unit sales stand at 320 million yearly and we are targeting only a 0.25% because the market is so large. In Psoriasis is where we believe we can have a huge hit by disrupting the market. We are forecasting a 20% market share in 10 years. There is no product in the market that treats Psoriasis in effective and safe way, and those products that are at least effective (not necessarily safe) are seriously expensive. There are 125 million unsolved cases of Psoriasis worldwide and every year there are nearly 5.5 million new cases. The market is enormous.

Projected 3 Year Growth

Keep in mind that right now the only product that is approved for us to market is the skin cancer treatment Curaderm BCC. Our other products have timings of 4-8 months for approval in the case of cosmetics and sunblock, and 9 to 12 months in the case of Psoriasis. Having said that, in 3 years we believe we will be having net sales of € 6.2 million, with EBITDA margins of 17%. We have targeted our net income throughouth the 10 year projection to remain at an average 10% net income margin.

Revenue Model

Due to its highly safety and effective profile, our Curaderm BCC skin cancer treatment has been in the past registered as drug in Oceania. That is why we know we will be able to register it as a drug in EMEA and FDA very fast. We only need a way to grow saes rapidly, the strength of the product is our ally. To achieve our quick growth we have decided to approach a Phase IV approach which will allow us to form and use a network of European and Worldwide dermatologists that will prescribe our product to their patients and document the advances of the lesion once treated with Curaderm BCC. Complementing this strategy with a strong public to prescriber strategy can really make Curaderm surpass the 20% worldwide market share if we are good in the implementation of our strategy. We plan to do exactly the same with our Psoriasis Psorend treatment. If we do our work right we can grow exponentially.


Competitors are surgeries, radiotherapy, cryotherapy, medicines with systemic side effects, topical treatments that act only supperficially. Our product solves all the deficiencies the existing products have. Regularly, the main difficulty in applying growing a new product  would be to convince a dermatologist to try the new product. But with our Phase IV strategy that problem is easily solved. Our product is non invasive, requires no visit to hospital, leaves no scars, no marks, has no systemic side effects, is affordable and acts profoundly and precisely assuring that there will be no recurrence in the appearance of the lesion. There is no product that accomplishes all these characteristics at the same time. Same happens with Psoriasis, disease that has apparently no cure in the existing set of treatments that exist in the market today.


We are in the last stages of redesigning our website to be able to accomodate the Phase IV marketing strategy we will implemenent. Besides that, we have to get approval for initiation of the Phase IV and once that is done, the company should be ready to experience a fast growth by the implementation of the network of dermatologists. 

Due Diligence Docs

Please note that access to the company's confidential materials is limited. Click this button to request access from the Company and its representatives.


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