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Southern Penn Ambulance Assoc.: Building an Innovative Ambulance Company

by Mackenzie Paris

At Southern Penn Ambulance Assoc. we are focused on changing the way the public view emergency and non-emergency medical transportation, revolving around technological advances and customer service.
Columbia, PA United States Emergency Medicine Community Emergency Medicine

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About our project

The problem we solve: Emergency Medical Services (EMS) has changed completely, especially in the area I live in (Lancaster, PA). People are waiting extensive amounts of times for EMS response, non-emergency transports either become the main thing an ambulance company focuses on, or cannot handle the mixture of emergency and non-emergent calls. Our biggest solution to this is to make a multi branch company, where one side can focus mainly on non-emergent transports, as well as picking up emergent calls as the secondary unit, and the other side will focus primarily on emergency responses. Additionally, we want to mainstream how patients can request a non-emergent transport, whether through a telephone service, mobile application or our website.

About our solution: We can correct the biggest problem by designating our personnel and units either as emergency and non-emergency will allow for patients to receive the care they deserve without significant wait times. Using a scheduling telephone service, application or website (which we would own and not outsource), patients have the ability to schedule their requested trip while also being aware of free times, or those already booked. Through this service, as well, patients or contractors (nursing homes, etc.) have the ability to speak directly to our crews and/or dispatchers to receive prompt assistance.

Progress to date:

Currently, Souther Penn Ambulance Association, established July 2021, is seeking funding. We currently have a Board of Directors and are registered through the IRS and Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. We were able to create a budget, as well as an estimated profit/loss statements.

About Our Team

Creator: Mackenzie Paris

Location: Pennsylvania

Education: Columbia Southern University

Bio: I have been involved in emergency services since the age of 14, when I was a Junior Firefighter in Pennsylvania. At the same time, I had pursued my certification as an Emergency Medical Responder, and when I turned 16 I pursed my Emergency Medical Technician. I have been involved in managerial, supervisory, logistical and further administrative positions since I turned 18, as well as being a main contributor to evolving a standalone Quick Response Service into a full Basic Life Support ambulance service in 2017.

Hospital Affiliation: Emergency Medical Services

Title: EMS Chief

About Team Members

Peter Bigit
CFO, MS in Accounting
Biography: Not Available At This Time
Title: CFO
Advanced Degree(s): MS in Accounting

About Our Company

Southern Penn Ambulance Association

Location: 120 Walnut Street
Columbia, PA 17512

Founded: 2021


Product Stage: Idea

Employees: 1-2

How We Help Patients

EMS agencies have the priviledge to assist patients in the worst day of their lives. Some medical problems generally can be corrected by a family doctor, however the are a significant amount that are not. When a patient is waiting for an ambulance for a prolonged amount of time, their chances of survival can drop drastically. Being a patient advocate and providing amazing care and customer service is what we want for our community.

How We Help Physicians

Providing immediate and primary care to the sick and injured, hopefully working towards fixing the reason SPAA is called for the patient, prior to the arrival at the Emergency Department.

How We Help Hospitals

It allows for medical clinics and centers to have patients arrive for their appointments, hopefully assist patients enough so that they do not need to attend doctors appointments frequently.

How We Help Partners

Although a necessary service, non-emergent transports have a high reimbursement rate. 

Innovation Details

Intellectual Property Summary

The only protected portion of this project is the Southern Penn Ambulance Association electronic logo. All other ideas are free use.

Clinical Information

Ambulance companies throughout the United States have tested this idea, with promising results. We have no further clinical trials or FDA approvals currently in the works. Further clinical advancements will come with funding.

Regulatory Status

We have no FDA trials or approvals that are necessary.

How we will use the funds raised

Our funding has been broken down to vehicle purchases, paying for a medical director, further personnel salaries, equipment and supplies, as well as an office space in Lancaster, PA.

Thank You

In EMS, we have the privledge to assist a patient on what could potentially be the worst day of their lives. To watch patient's fall through the cracks, waiting significant times for ambulances or not receiving competent or helpful care is what we are looking to change.

We are hopeful that someone, especially those involved in the medical community, helps us achieve our goals for a better tomorrow for patients.



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$ 500,000 goal

Mackenzie Paris
EMS Chief
Columbia Southern University

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