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About our project

Doesn’t it make sense to have easy access to the details of your current medical conditions and medical history, rather than trying to reconstruct everything from memory every time you speak to a nurse or doctor?

Shouldn’t you have the same access to your medical information as you have to your financial information, your income tax history, or the maintenance and repair records for your CAR?

Grab a front row seat to improved healthcare with an online electronic medical record unlike anything you have seen before. The OurHealthConnector medical record, OHC 2.0 is complete, accurate, transportable, secure, and patient owned & controlled. It works with any record system your doctor uses; it has nothing to do with your health insurance; it puts you at the center and in control of your own health and wellness; it is a solution available now!

OHC 2.0 – The World’s First Medical Record Integration Service

The OHC 2.0 will be owned and controlled by you, the patient. It will be more complete than the records that are located with your individual doctors and it will be created only ONCE. You will never need to reconstruct that history again. Updating the record is simple and sharing the record with your doctors is easy. Using such a comprehensive and easily accessible record ensures that your doctors are making decisions about your medical care with accurate and complete information.

Once your OHC 2.0 record has been created, it can be shared directly with a doctor’s or hospital’s electronic medical record system – we’ll show you how, or we’ll do it for you. If your doctor will only accept paper records, we’ll show you how to print out the summary, or we’ll fax it securely to the provider before your visit.

How it Works

In reality, there is nothing “automatic” or “electronic” about creating a complete medical record. You will need help; and that is where OurHealthConnector is unique.

Our team will gather and organize your records for you and make sure you are comfortable viewing them in OHC 2.0. We are always available to help you share your information with doctors and ensure your record is kept up to date. This is not just a fancy way to view immunization records and blood pressure readings; we also include copies of MRI’s, x-rays, videos of heart arrhythmias, ultrasound film, original consultation reports, etc. If you give your new specialist access to your record, he or she only needs a regular internet browser to see all your relevant information. For example: Under “high blood pressure” in your problem list, the physician can instantly see dates, current medications, related procedures; with one click he can see: 1) weeks, months or years of blood pressure readings graphed for easy viewing of trends; 2) ECG’s and x-rays; 3) your family history of high blood pressure. Sure, the specialist may need to do some additional tests – but you can actually show him the results of what has already been done. More complete medical records have been proven to reduce unnecessary, duplicate medical procedures and tests.

Here is a closer look at the OurHealthConnector solution

OHC Demonstration:

Clinical Proof

For the past two years, we have been testing OurHealthConnector’s version 1.0 Personal Health Record Service. We helped over 50 friends, family, and volunteers in small pilot programs to create personal health records that combined their information and data from multiple sources. These patients ended up with a complete record unlike anything their physicians had ever seen.

We were also invited to join a small pilot program called MiCare with the Department of Defense at Madigan Army Medical Center and accomplished their goal of integrating the beneficiaries’ military medical records and civilian medical records to create one single record. Our pilots were small, proof of principle efforts.

Here’s the “non-clinical” response:

  • “Finally, all my doctors are on the same page of my book!
  • “This is an absolute must.
  • “A wonderful, wonderful tool! I would love all my doctors to have this format in their office systems.”
  • “This allows patients to help take care of themselves.”
  • “If only this had been available when: …my mother had cancer…my friend was misdiagnosed…my child had to be admitted to the hospital while we were on vacation 1500 miles from home…”

How We Help Patients

The OHC 2.0 Service enables patients to share their complete history, current status from a sophisticated online interview, and all relevant source documents with every caregiver.

OHC 2.0 helps ensure that the decisions patients and their physicians make regarding their medical care and ongoing wellness are informed by the most complete and accurate information. Results will include: fewer unnecessary, duplicate, uncomfortable, costly tests and procedures; better care coordination; earlier diagnosis and treatment with easily viewable trends in data and monitoring results; and increased patient engagement in their own healthcare.

Patients can also access the Instant Medical History™ interviewing tool prior to their appointment, when they are at ease and able to provide more thorough subjective information allowing for more productive use of the appointment time.

How We Help Doctors

The OHC 2.0 Service provides more complete, problem-oriented information to the physician than a tethered EMR without interrupting work flow. Because patients have been able to review their history, consultations and appointments are more time efficient. This often leads to higher patient satisfaction, as well as potentially the time to see more patients.

The patient’s complete record can be imported into your electronic record or provided in your own paper format.

No special investment is required by the physician. With the patient’s authorization and any browser, you may choose to interact electronically with the patient’s OHC 2.0 record. With a single click you can access: original source documents, images, lab values and trends, home monitoring data results and trends, and a communication tool to contact the patient’s other caregivers.

On call or emergency medical personnel can be given “break-the-glass” (one time) access to the patient’s record and evaluate the immediate situation in the context of the complete record.

How We Help Hospitals, Institutions, and/ or Medical Facilities

The OHC 2.0 Service allows new patients to provide their complete, accurate, and organized medical histories in the preferred format of the new institution. This information is always reviewed for accuracy so that errors from handwriting, omission, or transcription are reduced, as is staff time spent on intake processing.

How We Help Our Partners

The OHC 2.0 Service will be of great benefit to organizations paying for healthcare such as large, self-insured employers. The economic benefits of a complete medical record for those high cost beneficiaries with chronic conditions and multiple co-morbidities should far exceed the investment to set up the record.

OHC 2.0 supports and enables greater patient engagement, which has been shown to be a critical component to improved health and reduced healthcare costs. OHC 2.0 facilitates improved care coordination and communication among all members of the patient’s Healthcare Team.

How We Will Spend Your Contributions

With the Medstartr funds you help us raise, we will complete the development of a consumer version of OHC 2.0. We will set up a secure web server for direct consumer use and we will train additional records advocate team members. With this funding, the OHC 2.0 Service will be ready in early 2013.

Who We Are

Jeffrey Carlisle, Founder – Jeffrey Carlisle is a serial intra/entrepreneur in healthcare. His passion for a patient centered medical record goes back three decades, long before the technology could support the kind of magic seen in OurHealthConnector 2.0. LinkedIn

Michael Andrews, Founder – Michael Andrews served as a six term member of Congress. He held a position on the Healthcare Subcommittee of the Committee on Ways & Means and has served as a Member of the Development Board of the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston and the Board of Visitors of the M. D. Anderson Cancer Center. Mr. Andrews, an attorney, leads our government relations and the development of our healthcare policy strategies; he is instrumental in guiding other business and institutional relationships.

Suzanne Barr, COO – Business leader, experienced with growth, transitions and program development for startups and small to medium sized organizations. LinkedIn

Advisors and Strategic Partners:
Matthew Ferrante, President, Primetime Medical Software – Primetime’s Instant Medical History™ patient interviewing software is a feature of OHC 2.0. LinkedIn

Major General Elder Granger, M.D., US Army, Retired – MG Granger led the effort to provide accessible healthcare for 9.4 million service members and their families. LinkedIn

Colonel Keith Salzman, M.D., US Army, Retired – Dr. Salzman is one of the nation’s leaders in developing the military’s functional capabilities in the digital transformation of medicine. LinkedIn

How to Find Us:"


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A personalized thank you e-mail!

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Your name on our Supporters List on our website.

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Your own OurHealthConnector "I'm a Pioneer in Healthcare!" t-shirt. Tell the world that you are part of this healthcare transformation. Also, your name will be on our Supporters List on our website.

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You can create your own Instant Medical History™ report to include as part of any personal health record. This sophisticated on-line interviewing tool takes you through your own medical history and current medical status, and produces a report that you can keep, add to a personal health record, or share with your doctor. We'll send you a t-shirt, and include your name on our Supporters List, too!

For $ 250 or more

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OHC 2.0 - We will enroll you, or someone else of your choosing, in the OHC 2.0 Service as an OurHealthConnector Pioneer. We will walk you through the Instant Medical History™ interviewing process, abstract and organize your first 50 pages of medical records, and create a secure, web enabled, problem oriented, medical record to share with all your caregivers. And, of course, you'll get that dynamite t-shirt, too!

For $ 2500 or more

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PARTNER/SPONSER Reward for Employers: Be part of this healthcare transformation to improve care and lower costs! We will create OHC 2.0 Records for 10 of your employees or dependents including: their Instant Medical History™ interview and 50 pages of medical records abstracted and entered.

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