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About our project

Our Inception

One day at the Children’s National Hospital in Washington D.C., a young girl was suffering terrible nausea after a procedure. The typical pharmaceutical treatment for PONV (post operative nausea and vomiting) was followed without success. With nothing to lose, a nurse suggested using the Ascents sample they had recently received.

The effect was remarkable. The nausea stopped immediately and was kept at bay with continued use of our scented sachet over the next 2-3 days. The medical team was astonished. Additional samples were provided to Children’s National.The results were powerful. Ascents nausea relief sachets were so effective that hand made samples are now being used as a matter of course, with efficacy exceeding 90%.

The evidence we have collected so far indicates that our Aromatherapy products to be over 90% efficacious in reducing or eliminating children’s nausea after operations. Our products have no harmful side effects and don’t require ingestion.

Based on the overwhelming feedback we have gotten from pediatric clinics, we are organizing a clinical trial, to be carried out in conjunction with Children’s National Hospital, to further examine the effects of Clinical Aromatherapy. Our goal is highlight the benefits of Aromatherapy to mainstream providers.

The Science of Scent:

Despite the use of aromatherapy for over 3000 years, technology has only recently allowed us to peer into the inner workings of the brain. But being so ethereal, how can we prove that scent is the only cause of what is measured? Enter Ascents.

Ascents by Aeroscena are small sachets of pure, quality controlled essential oils that have been blended by experts for specific reactions. These sachets were purposefully designed to deliver a consistent measured dose of aromatherapy, whenever and wherever it is needed.

This very personal design resolves the challenges of administering aromatherapy individually, with all external factors such as massage, lighting, and ambient diffusion strength on a study. Thus making it possible to measure only the impact of aromatherapy without any other distracting external factors.

Because of their unique personal nature, nurses who knew first-hand how aromatherapy helps to improve the patient experience rapidly adopted Ascents. Custom blends were requested for many situations, but the nausea relief has quickly risen to be the most requested clinical blend.

Ascents – The Products

Ascents™ is a revolutionary way to dispense pure essential oil aromatherapy for personal and portable use. Aeroscena, experts in the science of scent, launched Ascents to treat 5 common consumer needs:

  • Sleep — Out of Stock!
  • Calmness and Tranquility
  • Energy
  • Focus
  • Appetite Suppression

Ascents has been quickly adopted by nurses who find them useful in clinical settings. Many conditions can be treated with aromatherapy and when we discovered nausea was one of them, we created a nausea relief formula and sent samples of it to several of our hospital customers.

Details of Our Trial & Our Success

Because of this success, Children’s National has elected to perform a true randomized double blind study on the efficacy of Ascents nausea relief for publishing in the peer-reviewed journal, Pediatric Anesthesia.

This will be, to our knowledge, the first randomized double blind study of aromatherapy in a major hospital, building on the studies such as those by Dr. Ronald Hunt, concluding that further study is warranted.

More Evidence:

For more evidence and a review of several studies on the benefits and effects of Aromatherapy and Clinical Aromatherapy, check out our literature review.

How We Help Patients and Doctors

There are several patient groups that suffer from acute and chronic nausea and thousands of doctors who recommend and prescribe various medications to control nausea. There are even more doctors who have to prescribe medications or treatments that result in nausea, such as chemotherapy.

Our Aromatherapy Sachets can help both patients and doctors by providing a conveniently packaged form of relief! Our products are already sold in several hospital gift shops, but we want to expand our capacity to help more patients.

Details of our Study & Use of Funding

We seek $12,000 for the production and provision of the nausea relief sachets, and a corresponding amount of control placebo packets in support of the study, plus funds for the administration of the study.

Children’s National Hospital will be providing the research protocol, the administration of the treatment, the collection of data and the eventual publishing of the study, which will be co-authored by several of their doctors and researchers.

There are more than 1200 pediatric patient surgeries each month at this hospital, providing a statistically significant sample size as well as many children in need.
If we exceed the funding goal, proceeds will be used to expand the application to cancer and chemotherapy patients who frequently experience nausea as a result of their treatment.

We want to help these children feel better and Children’s National wants prove that aromatherapy is a science worthy of scholarly study and research while delivering effective relief to those in need.


For $ 10 or more

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Choose any of our 5 standard Ascents and we'll send 1 to you AND 1 for the clinical trial at Children’s National Hospital.

For $ 50 or more

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Purchase the variety pack of Ascents (5 pack) AND we will provide 5 for the clinical trial at Children's National Hospital.

For $ 100 or more

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10 Ascents Packages for you and 10 for the Children's National Hospital clinical trial.

For $ 250 or more

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30 Ascents Packages of your choice for you and 30 for Children's National Hospital clinical trial.

For $ 400 or more

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50 Ascent packages provided to ANY HOSPITAL OF YOUR CHOICE and 50 for the clinical trial.

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