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About our project

This project is fully funded and the party is on! Show starts at 8, so don’t be late.

There is no cover charge, but if you want to support the revolution please back it.

2012 was a Revolutionary Year for innovation in healthcare and this event celebrates the successes of innovators in the space and welcomes new ones. The synergistic sum of forces has led to a change in the way doctors, patients, governments, hospitals, and giant corporations think about delivering the best care and keeping people healthy. Moving towards results-based, patient-centered, and more affordable approaches – healthcare is changing fast, and just in time.

This event is sponsored by Aetna and MedStartr, one of the most established and one of the newest companies in the space that are driving innovation. We are collaborating to create this event because we both support, appreciate, and enable the Healthcare Revolution. Join us by getting a ticket, a table, or even co-sponsoring the event! As our friend Todd Park over at the White House (formerly HHS) says, “¡Viva la Revolución!”

We also welcome the leaders of the Health 2.0 chapters around the world and would like to introduce them to you. Since this website and the first MedStartr event this one is modelled after grew out of the Health 2.0 NYC Chapter, we are glad to meet all our sister chapters and have them up on stage.

Bringing the Crowd that Cares to the Healthcare Revolution

At MedStartr, we think the best way to drive innovation in healthcare is to bring it to the people it matters most to:

  • Patients who want better care,
  • Doctors who want to give better care
  • Hospitals that want to serve their communities better
  • Big Companies that look for new ways to help their people and customers be healthy.

As a crowdfunding platform, MedStartr does a pretty good job of this, but this is not enough. One way to do better is by creating Events that bring the ‘crowd to crowdfunding.’ We do this to give the people who care deeply about improving care the opportunity to review, comment on, and possibly fund the care innovation that they want to see. The Healthcare Revolution is here thanks to government initiatives, amazingly innovative ideas, and people looking for better ways to get healthy and be well and we think everyone should be part of this revolution!

This will be our third such event and they are quite a lot of fun too, as depicted in our original MedStartr video. These events were in New York and now we want to do it even bigger and better in San Francisco, so we invite the people of San Francisco to join us. Come on out and enjoy the show, better yet, be a part of it!

How to Register

You can register right here, just pick a reward at the right and you can get a ticket, a table, have a chance to tell people about your revolutionary product or idea, or just support the movement.

Who Is Coming?

As the event is an After-Party / tweetup for the Health 2.0 National conference on day one, quite a few of the conference attendees will be joining us. You can see some of the people coming by looking at the backers tab here and on event co-sponsor HealthTechHatch’s page. We and our partners will be inviting tens of thousands of folks, but already we have a bunch of MedStartrs, Sonny Vu, Matt Holt, Aetna, GE, Twitter, all the local Health 2.0 chapter leaders, the BluePrint Health and Startup Health folks, the HealthTechHatch team and hatchers, and a bunch of other really amazing folks we can’t wait to meet coming.

When is it?

October 8th, 2012, starting at 7:30, going until Midnight. See agenda details below.

Where will it be?

We are meeting at Ruby Skye on 420 Mason Street (1 & 1/2 blocks from the Hilton Union Square) 7:30 – 12 Midnight. See Google Maps link:,+San+Francisco

Ruby Skye is an AWESOME club, do not miss. Bring your groove and dance to the music! A tweetUP, followed by healthcare revolution startUP Pitchfest, then dance, dance, dance…

Is it a Party or an Exhibit Hall?

Why can’t it be both? We think the innovations and ideas these companies bring are important to all of us, so let’s bring the crowd in and see what people really think. Add a little music, some beverages, and we can celebrate and innovate.

How does it work for Startups, Rampups, and Health Innovators?

We invite all innovative healthcare companies to set up tables around the perimeter of the room. You also can submit a video pitch or do a live pitch for 1 minute up on stage. If you list on MedStartr it is free, otherwise it is only $250. Presenting also makes you eligible to win a Mostie! What’s a Mostie? Funny you should ask…

Introducing the MedStartr Mostie Awards

Since the projects that do well on MedStartr measure their success in terms of adoption, funding, awareness, and how much they are shared, we are calling our awards the Mosties. Here are a few are:

Most Backed – The company that gets the most people to give them any ticket
Most Funded – The company or project that gets the most people to give them a money ticket
Most Loved – The Company or Project that is most Tweeted during the period of the event
Most Excellent! – The Company or Project doing the most excellent thing we have seen!

Voting takes place on site with the tickets and chips that attendees give to the projects they love and online with tweets and contributions. This approach is much like visitors on MedStartr reviewing projects where if engage and earn their love or interest, they will back, adopt, share, and fund you!

So bring your innovation and win a Mostie!

And for the folks watching at home…

We know not everyone can come in person to our events, so we have a few rewards just for you. You don’t have to back us to be able to watch the event or be part of the tweetup, but we do need to pay the videographers and the livetreaming bill so we sure would appreciate your help! Help fund the livestream costs and buy a t-shirt designed by PositiveMed by backing the special awards, designed just for you! Note for Companies on MedStartr, we also will include all online funding given during the event toward your “Mostie Awards” total (hint: if you really want to win, do a campaign online and at the event!)

How Many People are Coming?

We estimate 100 – 400 but it could be as many as a thousand. Spread the word and let’s make it happen. Even if you can’t come, please help out by sharing our event on facebook, twitter, or even embed it on you blog with the link above under the video. Let’s make innovation happen faster and better than ever by getting everyone involved. We hope to follow the lead of the fabulous patient advocate leader Regina Holliday who just held the #cinderblock conference and funded it through MedStartr. You Rock Regina!

Thank you to our Partners and Sponsors

Here is Who is Sponsoring So Far:

Special Thanks to GE Healthmagination program that came on as a lead sponsor, enabling the move to RubySkye!

Thank You Aetna for leading the way!

Thank you also to Verizon Wireless

Finally, we also want to give a big Thank You to Health 2.0 for the unwavering support of Health 2.0 NYC and helping to spread the word about this event.

(Your company that supports healthcare innovation Logo will go here if you choose a reward and fund it!)

Last, but not least, Our Partners in running this are awesome: Dr. Nima Sheikholeslami from Postive Med and Gregg Masters, the @2healthguru at XanateMedia – You Guys Rock!

Ok, enough of the fun stuff, here are the boring details:

City / Venue: Ruby Skye night club! 420 Mason, San Francisco | Google Map:,+San+Francisco
Date / Time: Monday, Oct 8 / 7:30 – 10 PM + after event

Format: Open Party with Sponsor Tables & TweetUp, one minute pitches, and the ‘Mosties’

Attendees: You, plus 200+ Attendees of Health 2.0 Conference and 200+ Bay Area folks with an interest in health solutions. The Health 2.0 crowd are Doctors, Patients, Hospital leaders, pharma execs, people trying to reduce the cost of care from the inside and out. The attendees should be a healthy mix of the movers and shakers in healthcare and the crowd that supports them.


Nicole Winokur, GE, Healthymagination

My Revolution: David Williams, RN,
Our Revolution: Matthew Browning, Your Nurse is On
Your Revolution: Alex Fair

Startup Exhibitors:
Slots are still open, please sign up and back a reward at the right for a table:

Free for MedStartrs, $250 for Non MedStartrs

Live: Luisette Figueroa of HealthPassKey
Live: Ted Titmus CEO, LifeSaver inc. (LifeSaverInc) Live: Camille Ricketts, team, Fully Funded Million Mothers Project Video by Jibon Health with Tampostat (JibonHealth)
Video by Cook Safe – an Aging Gracefully project
Video by Dr. Jen Dyer (@EndoGoddess) about EndoGoal
Video by HealthTegra – Breast Self Examination app
Video by Ab-Bed, Physical Therapy Device for back pain sufferers and post surgical therapy

Live: Alex Kharebov
Video by Alec Willet (Virtual)

Attendee Tickets: Admission is Free, but you can show your support here with tickets $1 – $50


7:30-8:00 Meet, Tweet and Greet (Tweetup Hashtag #MedStartr)
8:00-8:15 Toast to MedStartrs and a word from our sponsors
8:15-8:30 1 minute pitches by MedStartrs and other healthcare innovators
8:30-8:45 Meet the Worldwide Health 20 Chapter Leaders
8:45-10:15 Party with MedStartr Casual Tall Table Talks. Visitors are invited to fund, back, tweet and like projects at the tables with chip and tweets.The Party Begins!
10:15-10:30 The MedStartr Mosties Awards: Winner of Most Funded, Most Tweeted, Most Engaging, and others awarded
10:30-on Party On!

How it Works:

Startups get tables and / or put their projects on MedStartr or HealthTechHatch and display their products at the event at tall tables around large open room with an open bar. If fully funded, attendees will be given Sponsor-Branded Poker chips and Vote with their chips by giving them to the exhibitors after they pitch. If not, we will use different colored tickets.

How We Help Startups and Rampups

Online and offline exposures are anticipated to exceed 3 million impressions. These impressions will help get innovative projects on MedStartr or HealthTechHatch funded and increase awareness and adoption of the initiatives and projects that you have built or are building.

What Sub-sectors are welcome?

Just like on MedStartr, we have all different types of health innovations. Medical Device, Pharma, Health IT, creating an NGO, all good. Only criteria – you have to be addressing an important problem through innovation.

How we Help our Sponsors

In exchange for sponsorship, we provide: On Stage presence, Branding on Poker Chips, and millions of online impressions. This all drives the message about how your company feels about the revolution in healthcare innovation that has grown up around the health 2.0 community and on MedStartr or HealthTechHatch. We will list you on our partner pages and help your company learn more and get screened meetings with the amazing early stage startups that are finding success on MedStartr. Anything else we can help you with? Put 20 of your favorite ideas on MedStartr to change cancer care around the world? Sure, not a problem. That is what we do!

Disclaimer and the Sliding Scale

Depending on the level of interest from the “crowd” (that’s you) this event could be executed at various levels. The initial level, thanks to our sponsorship from Aetna, is now doing the event at the Union Square Hilton in one of the ball rooms with a cash bar. If we meet the goal here we will be going to Ruby Skye or some equally cool spot like Mezzanine.

Thank you for your support. We could not do this without you!

Best Regards,
Alex Fair, Nima Sheikholeslami, MD, Gregg Masters, and Pat Salber, MD
MedStartr, PositiveMed, XanateMedia, and HealthTechHatch


For $ 1 or more

15 Supporter(s) Limited (85 left of 100 )

PRESS/ STUDENT / START-UP & Now EVERYONE thanks to our sponsors!!!! Show your support and come on down for the Health 2.0 Day 1 after party and see some of the most innovative healthcare companies that are changing healthcare now and next year (honor system here - qualify merely by posting about yourself in the comments tab please.)

For $ 10 or more

32 Supporter(s) Limited (-1 left of 31 )

MINUTE MAN - Sponsored by Aetna. Includes ONE Free Drink, 5 Mostie Chips, and a ticket to the hottest event in town! Post your twitter handle in the Comments tab so we all know who you are and who is coming. Tweet out your favorite Health 2.0 or MedStartr innovation with the Hashtag #MedStartr and we will tally the votes at the end of the night to determine the "Most Tweeted" Mostie Award winner!

For $ 15 or more

0 Supporter(s) Limited (100 left of 100 )

VIRTUAL TICKET I: Not in San Fran that night? That's alright, have your own party, support the Healthcare Revolution, and watch it live from anywhere in the world! Your tweets will get to the Jumbotron up front too if you tweet the hashtag #MedStartr! We will also amplify your tweets with retweets from our social media team (subject to re-tweetable-ness.) Online access if free, but your support is appreciated!

For $ 25 or more

2 Supporter(s) All gone !

TICKET + 2: Include One Ticket, TWO free drinks, and 10 Mostie Chips to vote for your favorite Health Innovations. (CLOSED)

For $ 35 or more

0 Supporter(s) Limited (200 left of 200 )

VIRTUAL TICKET II - not only get the good feeling of supporting the movement, but also get the t-shirt and you can have that lasting souvenir that says, "I was (virtually) there!" See design at left.

For $ 50 or more

2 Supporter(s)

TICKET & T-SHIRT: Get the Ticket, T-Shirt, and $25 in poker chips that let you BACK your favorite MedStartrs. Whoever Gets the most chips wins the "Most Backed" Mostie. (CLOSED)

For $ 200 or more

0 Supporter(s) Limited (1 left of 1 )

VIRTUAL PITCH: Want to pitch the crowd from afar? Get your camera out and livestream back your tweetup or project from anywhere in the world or with a pre-recorded pitch! Full refund contributed to your project if it is live on MedStartr now or goes live within 30 days.

For $ 250 or more

2 Supporter(s) Limited (18 left of 20 )

START-UPS Get to Pitch and a table at the event to post your banner, demo your product, or just as a place to hang out all night. Note - if your project is live on MedStartr within 30 days you will get a full refund! Includes 2 TICKETS.

For $ 500 or more

0 Supporter(s) Limited (5 left of 5 )

RAMP-UP SPONSOR Be a part of the buzz, look for partners, and get exposure for your great new company that is growing fast. Put up your banner and get a table. Branding on $1 chips and ten (10) TICKETS.

For $ 2500 or more

0 Supporter(s) Limited (5 left of 5 )

PARTNER SPONSOR Support Innovation and get tens of thousands of brand exposures for your company to just the right people. Set up a partner page on MedStartr too! Includes your Branding on $5 chips. Select from areas of credit: Video/ Live Cast; Food and Beverage; or Mostie Awards. Make a great impression on the health innovation community and Back a MedStartr Event today!

For $ 10000 or more

0 Supporter(s) Limited (1 left of 1 )

LEAD SPONSOR: Support the Healthcare Revolution in Style and be associated with the hottest new approach to healthcare innovation. Open the event, present a Mostie you design, showcase select innovation programs, and get your brand in everyone's hand on the $10 chips.

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