Role(s) in Healthcare Innovation:

Medical Device Industry Volunteer

Benjamin Ryan Bouricius

3D Laboratory - Lead Designer, Project Manager & Teaching Assistant

Ithaca, New York Area

About Me

I am a student of science, art, design and philosophy. I am passionate about appropriate technology, and environmental conservation. I am an avid minimalist and I love to travel all over the world. I work with the design and 3D printing of e-NABLE prosthetic hands and I hope to one day be able to distribute these around the world to people in need. I piloted the first 3D printing operation at Ithaca College as an undergraduate Physics student. I have extensive experience with Makerbot 3D printers, as well as Lulzbot, BCN3D, and M3D printers. I also have experience with 3D laser scanning using tools such as a Leica c10 and a 3DS Sense as well as NextEngine scanners.