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Role(s) in Healthcare Innovation:

Entrepreneur Healthcare Innovator

JG Staal, BS, Executive Master

Co-Founder & COO

Richmond, Virginia United States

About Me

I am passionate about technology driven change. The type of change that challenges the status quo and that leads to drastic improvements. I am intrigued by what makes change ‘stick’ and makes it successful, whether it is the People, the Process or the Technology. I am excited that I help to improve the health of people worldwide as a health transformer. Over 25 years of experience in: - Starting and scaling successful companies (Tahzoo). - Managing and building international teams at Fortune 500 companies as well as Small & Medium Businesses in healthcare, finance and telecom. - Building solutions leveraging Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & Predictive Analytics

Interested in solutions for:

For my company

I am looking for healthcare innovations:

HIT Clinical Research