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Healthcare Innovator

Yosef Mystel


Skokie, Illinois United States

About Me

Yossi Mystel holds a master of business administration with a focus on accounting from Indiana University at South Bend. He possesses nearly two decades of experience in residential administration. He began his career as an assistant administrator at Brightview Care Center in Chicago before going on to direct a 150-employee nursing home in Lincolnwood. In 2006, Yossi Mystel founded YAM Management, where, as president, he facilitated all human resource and finance operations. Professionally, Yossi Mystel is an investor in a number of Midwestern healthcare entities. Possessing more than 15 years of experience in residential management, Mr. Mystel is the former president of YAM Management, through which he established 24 nursing homes across Illinois, Indiana, and Texas.