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HappyAir: HappyAir, a 360º mobile care-management program

by Shane Fitch

Pilot testing in 3 Hospitals in Madrid (Spain) for the integration of a smartphone app for a better monitoring of chronic patient-s condition and progress.
Madrid, Spain Patient Power Tools! Pulmonary/ Asthma Rare Diseases MedStartr Ventures challenge

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About our project

The problem we solve: Other participants in the pulmonary disease market , can't readily provide a co-financed low-cost service model, that fully integrates chronic-care patients' needs with an educator/therapist guidance service via online, home-care and group sessions. This service improves adherence to treatments, digital literacy, patient empowerment in low-income countries + pro-active engagement in research.Key to R&D in new therapeutics Market size. Today, 60 million people suffer from COPD (Chronic Obstructuve Pulmonary Disease )worldwide. Total direct costs associated with COPD were approximately $40 billion in 2015 and are estimated to reach $49 billion by 2020. excluding other pulmonary diseases.

About our solution: HappyAir includes: • A novel platform to help patients manage their disease. Using an App, the platform combines a time-based healthcare strategy, a progress tracking system, medication and therapeutic treatment follow-up schedules. Its clinical validation will come from the trials currently running in Madrid. -Clinical data management for I&D. • Platform interactions with Internet of things [IoT] electronics related to chronic diseaase management. Device integration e.g directly registering pulsioximeter data to a COPD-management App, or electronic inhaler’s info recording and storing into the platform. Active lifestyle: Happyair App is also integrated with GoogleFit fully registering the respiratory patient’s condition. • Patient’s guidance and supervision through a designated educator, a qualified respiratory physiotherapist. • Interoperability with other Platforms.

Progress to date:

Pilot study+ deployment strategy initiated with alternative networks and collaboration of network of respiratory related KOLs nationally and internationally

Partners Persei Vivarium are experts in clinical data management for multi-morbidity and R&D  with cutting -edge projects in monitoring by pathology + standardisation in integrable native systems

Marketing and education programs have been tested in pilot introduction events and workshops ex clinical study.

Training of patient coaches will begin in 2017 with support from Kols who can work internationally in recognised Institutions.

About Our Team

Creator: Shane Fitch

Location: Mendoza

Bio: 18 years experience in Patient Organization Leadership In Europe & Global Networks for Rare and Prevalent Disease.Established Lovexair Foundation to participate actively in Digital Healthcare for Patient-centricity and provide value proposition to multiple stakeholders Hospital.

Hospital Affiliation: Lovexair Foundation

Title: Director General

About Our Company

Lovexair Foudnation

Location: Paseo de las Delicias, 30. 7ª Planta.
Madrid, M 28045

Founded: 5





Other link:

Other link:

Product Stage: Prototype/MVP

YTD Sales: Working on it

Employees: 5-10

How We Help Patients

Enablers to bridge the gaps between healthcare systems , multi-disciplinary  teams and end users; improve digital literacy, adherence to treatment, understanding m-health for better self-care in chronic-disease social support, training and educational support  including physical healthcare plans with physiotherapists guidance.

Innovation Details

Intellectual Property Summary

App, Happyair brand and logo have a valid trademark under the current Spanish law.

Clinical Information

Please contact:

The service model is being validated in clinical trials.See link:

This pilot is a thesis project for collaborating HCPs at Doctorate level in University in Spain.

App is in beta version with upgrade due in 2017.

Publishing in Mainstream Medical Journals and Events due in 2017 for chronic disease, m-health, e-health, respiratory, COPD and cardio-respiratory diseases

Regulatory Status

Compliant with Ethical Committtee 3 leading Madrid Hospitals as a Clinical Intervention study for m-health management. All information available at:

How we will use the funds raised

Further product improvements, service model deployment needs, additional testing in real-life scenario with callcenter tele-care support and include other aspects needed for marketing in alternative networks.

Thank You

Imagine for a moment what it means to live without air. Try holding your breath  for a few seconds. Millions of people with respiratory disease, III leading cause of death, daily experience chest tightness, anxiety, poor mobility, not to mention the helplessness and social isolation that cause these diseases. However, it is possible to improve their quality of life with proper care and support.

Our model is holistic using ICTs and trained professional support to patients. No barriers to better care.



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