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B-wom: Changing Self-care for Women

by Estrella Jaramillo

B-wom is a digital health platform focusing on women's intimate health/wellness. Bwom offers users, an evaluation and personalized care plans with exercises, habits and tracking.
Barcelona, Spain Women(s) Health Healthy Living

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About our project

The problem we solve: B-wom's vision is changing selfcare for women, we focus on prevention. Women, we are complex, and so is our body. We experience many changes through our lives. The truth is that we know some changes will happen, and we find them when we are there, because we don't prepare for it, we don't prevent. B-wom is a digital health startup focusing on women's intimate health/wellness. As of today, we have an app with personalized care plans, exercises and tracking for pelvic floor with some initial healthy habits and content about health. We are expanding our health scope to cover all these moments on a woman's life, always with the prevention look to all the matters. We started with pelvic floor, because with just a bit of time a day (10 minutes / day) you can notice real benefits to your body. Pelvic floor affects to: urine leaks, sex, constipation, flat belly and back pain.

About our solution: B-wom’s personalized approach allows the company to track the evolution, gather detailed feedback and relevant data from users, which can be used to identify patterns and analyze prevalence: health problems, exercise difficulty, symptoms, evolution and behavioral patterns, among others to develop and strength preventive habits or actions.

Progress to date:

We were incorporated on April 2015:

- close to 200k registered users so far

- +10 countries / 2 languages

- 3,5M health data points

- started monetizing through in app purchases first, and we recently launched a subscription model

- piloting first B2B programms

- starting research with UCLA and hospitals

- raised $1M funding round with extremely valuable investors such as the Founders of Runtastic (sold to Adidas), Hansi HansmannIseed VC, and the President of the the Women's Health Foundation

About Our Team

Creator: Estrella Jaramillo

Location: Buenos Aires

Education: Universidad Pablo de Olavide, University of R

Bio: Communications, Marketing and Business Development specialist with over five years of experience in products and services for women’s wellness. IE Business School Master's in Corporate Communications. Committed, organized, creative and with a strategic mindset. Currently changing self-care for women as International Business Developer and Cofounder of B-wom

Title: Co-founder & Head of Business Development

Advanced Degree(s): MBA

About Team Members

Helena Torras
Cofounder and CEO, MBA
Biography: I am a Senior Executive, Entrepreneur and Angel Investor specialised in Global and Fast Growth Strategy, with almost a decade of experience in Tech Business.I've recently co-founded B-wom to change self-care for women. Prior to that, together with the entrepreneurial team, I lead Abiquo, which I joined in 2007 as shareholder (I've been Interim CEO, VP Operations and CFO). Abiquo raised more than $28M in VC and established operations in US, UK & Spain. I've been Board Director at the Holding Comp
Title: Cofounder and CEO
Advanced Degree(s): MBA
Twitter: @Helenatorras

About Our Company

B-wom Technologies

Location: Plaça de Pau Vila 3 Block A 3rd Floor Door A
Barcelona, B 08003

Founded: 2015



Twitter: @hellobwom

Product Stage: In the Market

YTD Sales: Less than $250,000

Employees: 5-10

How We Help Partners

Bwom gathers intimate health data that women don't sahre with anyone. We can help partners, such as pharma companies with a strong focus on women's health, understand the problems and issues of their customers better, and what they are doijg to address them.

Innovation Details

Intellectual Property Summary

No intellectual property.

Clinical Information

Nothing to add.

Regulatory Status

Nothing to add.

How we will use the funds raised

We will use these funds primarily for our US expansion, expanding our health scope and developing our first B2B collaborations. This requires the addition of a programmer and a business developer to the team. We will highly invest in marketing actions to consolidate our user base in the US. Additionally, testing the B2C revenue models (subscription + special plan in app purchases) and analyzing the performance/scalability of our B2B pilot programs with health centers and payors. Also, we want to start working with a data analyst to further professionalize the data size of our business and use it to advance care and research.

Thank You

B-wom is changing self-care for women through technology. We are capitalizing on daily-use mobile technologies and big data to change women's selfcare habits. We are helping women prevent intimate health issues by helping them to incorporate healthy habits into their lives, without needing a lot of time or money. When a woman feels good with her body, she feels empowered and she feels she can do anything. 

We are aligned with the 3rd (good health and well-being) and 5th (gender equality) Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

Most of women's digital health startups are focusing on menstruation, fertility, pregnancy or parenthood, but women go through many changes throughout their lives. Knowing about these changes, and knowing how to address them (in a personalized way), could change completely our quality of life. Prevention is key for women's health, and also to reduce healthcare costs.




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€ 250,000 goal

Estrella Jaramillo
Co-founder & Head of Business Development
Universidad Pablo de Olavide, University of R

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