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Project iACHE, A Wellness Team: Improving outcomes through communication and compliance

by Mauricio Garcia Jacques

HIPAA compliant networking platform to enable telehealth communication and collaboration between health care providers, allied health professionals and patients.
Houston, TX United States Community Fitness or Wellness MedStartr Ventures challenge

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About our project

The problem we solve: Allied health professionals and experts play an essential role in health maintenance, yet there is very little coordination of care and integration between physicians and allied health providers. There is little incentive by doctors to adopt telemedicine and significant barriers to optimize its application in busy practices.

About our solution: Telehealth platform open to allied health professionals and licencensed providers with a focus on collaboration and information sharing between the wellness team lead by the patient.

Progress to date:

The MVP/Prototype is complete and in pilot/beta testing. Feedback has been phenomenal from patients and allied health providers. I am onboarding a training and fitness team to test collaboration between the chiropractor, nutritionist and the other trainers as a team for a competitive triathlete. 

I am looking to complete a team of addiction specialists, missing a mental health expert to provide support to a suboxone prescriber to complement the addiction management as a collaborative team. 

There is a lot of work ahead of us in development, branding and user aquisition.

About Our Team

Creator: Mauricio Garcia Jacques

Location: Texas

Education: ITESM

Bio: Driven and non conformist who has been part of academic and private practice medicine. During this time I realized that we are not integrating a major contributing group into healthcare delivery: allied health professionals or the patients. I see telehealth as a longitudinal support for wellness rather than only a convinicence play as most other major telemedicine companies are branding it for. Telemedicine is the future of health care delivery. This company will change the rules of the game.

Hospital Affiliation: ACHE Institute of Houston

Title: Founder

Advanced Degree(s): MD, MPH

About Our Company


Location: 14511 Falling Creek Dr, Suite 402
Suite 402
Houston, TX 77014

Founded: 2017



Twitter: @project_iache


Other link:

Product Stage: Prototype/MVP

YTD Sales: Working on it

Employees: 1-2

How We Help Patients

Do you want to have  a way to connect your different providers so that you can ask questions and they can work together? 

Did your doctor recommend diet and exercise but did not facilitate any other education and you want to connect with a nutritionist or fitness expert? 

Well, our company, iACHE LLC is building the means to securely connect you with your providers and for them to connect with you. To have a way to share information quickly and to keep up with your progress and questions. It is a simple to use solution keeping you as the main user in mind! Regular EMR patient portals do not connect with those outside the practice of any provider. does not attempt to replace the EMR but it enhances continuity of care. 


How We Help Physicians

Enabling a collaborating environment between health care providers improves outcomes. If done properly, your online presence and new patient consults will increase, improving the revenue. 

Please review this post on my linked in profile. It speaks about my view of tele health and the main solutions I want to create.



Innovation Details

Intellectual Property Summary

I own the copyright of the content in all the affiliate websites. 

Clinical Information

Multidisciplinary and collaborative care is well known to improve outcomes, this platform helps facilitate this collaboration. There is no scientific data collected using this platform about decreasing cost or improved outcomes. Once we are aquiring users we will collect unidentified data for reporting and marketing. 

Regulatory Status

FDA approval not applicable. 

How we will use the funds raised

The money will be spent between mobile application development, branding and marketing to build up towards a hard launch. 

There is still the need for funds to hire the early employees to be prepared for growth. 

Thank You

I understand the requested funds will not ensure the viability of the company but will enable the company to properly pilot the prototype, adjust the platform to fit the market need and finally launch a full product. With proof of concept and an MVP getting to the next stage will be facilitated.  

I truly believe facilitating compliance, clinical decision making and continuity of care is the best application of tele-health should be used. This will start a big change in telemedicine and in delivery of care, empowering the patient to manage their care and incorporate more champions into health maintenance plans: fitness experts, therapists, nutriologists, psychologists. 



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