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Let's Combat Medical Flim Flam: Finding Remedies Based on Statistically Valid Methods

by Gary Leon

Identification of remedies for medical conditions based on firm statistical evidence only as illustrated in my web site "Spanking FIT" (
Portland, OR United States Alternative Therapies Fitness or Wellness

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About our project

The problem we solve: Major conflicts of interest presently exist in the manner in which clinical trials pertaining to pharmaceutical "cures" for disease are funded. Consequently, a heavy cloud of suspicion hangs over claims of their efficacy & safety. On the other hand, inadequately funded trials pertaining to "natural" remedies & preventative measures often result in the acquisition of data with inadequate sample sizes. Furthermore, inappropriate statistical methods are being used by investigators at an alarming rate for analyzing their data and in generating published "conclusions".

About our solution: I, Dr. Garrett, created the web site as an antidote to this current toxic medical research environment. It is based on an interactive approach which heavily depends on the knowledge & interests of its readers, & not simply the solid expertise in statistical inference that I contribute. Donors to "Let's Combat Medical Flim Flam" shall receive tailor-made evaluations of remedies specific to the medical conditions which they identify as being of concern to them. My evaluations will meet the same rigorous standards employed in the web site. Specific examples are listed below:

Progress to date:

See what I've accomplished for yourself. Here are are a few of my publications:


About Our Team

Creator: Gary Leon

Location: Oregon

Bio: I'm hard working & smart. I graduated from Massachusetts Institute of Technology at age 19 with a 4.8/ 5 G.P.A. I received my doctorate from University of California at Berkeley in Probability & Statistics with Sigma Xi distinction. I've been Lecturer in U.C. Berkeley Statistics Dept., President of professional societies, reviewer for professional journals. I am the creator of the web site which is a spanking new approach to health & medicine based on REAL Science.

Title: Statistician/ Medical Researcher

Advanced Degree(s): Ph.D.

About Our Company

Spanking FIT

Location: 1444 N.E. Schuyler
Portland, OR 97212

Founded: 2014


Product Stage: Ready

YTD Sales: Less than $250,000

Employees: 1-2

How We Help Patients

The main goal of my project is to prevent the individual, if possible, from becoming a "patient". 

How We Help Physicians

benefits them by reducing their patient load

How We Help Hospitals

fewer patients, reduced work load.

How We Help Partners

my innovation benefits humanity.

Innovation Details

Intellectual Property Summary

Results will be published online & made available to everyone for the good of humanity.

Patent Link

Clinical Information

No F.D.A. approvals required. The project is a rigorous evaluation of the clinical efficacy studies that you refer to above. Depending on the outcomes, you may wish to consider funding of future recommended clinical trials.

Regulatory Status


How we will use the funds raised

For researchers' time & costs associated with obtaining raw data pertaining to published studies.

Thank You

The developmental cost of many new pharmaceutical “cures” ranges from hundreds of millions to billions of dollars. It is also generally recognized that the majority of government-mandated effectiveness/ safety studies are, in fact, industry-funded.  Legitimate concern regarding the integrity of medical “findings”  derived from such industry-funded research has made the quest for more “natural” and less commercialized  remedies and preventative measures even more urgent.  However, as interest in natural remedies has grown, so have the number of media-based false claims and exaggerations regarding them. It was for that reason that in 2014 I, Dr. Garrett, launched my web site “Spanking FIT!” ( which  was introduced as a “spanking new” approach to health, medicine, fitness, and sexual topics based on REAL Science. As explained in the web site’s ABOUT US section, a common source of false claims in health-related fields are peer-reviewed papers published in well-regarded scientific journals. Their authors, while well trained in medicine, often have little or no education in the Science of Statistical Inference, also. 

For your $115 contribution to "Let's Fight Medical Flim Flam" you will receieve a report identifying those natural remedies for the disease or condition which you specify for which solid statistical evidence exists supporting efficacy & safety of use. Financial conflicts of interest by researchers will be exposed, & claims based on anecdotal evidence only will be dismissed.  



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$ 115 goal

Gary Leon
Statistician/ Medical Researcher

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