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AudibleRx: Consumer Medication Education in AUDIBLE format.

by Steve Leuck

Accessible and consistent medication education, designed for those challenged with literacy, visual impairment, or just learn better by listening.
Santa Cruz, CA United States Patient Education MedStartr challenge

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About our project

The problem we solve: It is important to understand that Consumer Medication Information (the leaflets handed out with prescriptions) are written by large third party vendors, not drug companies. These documents are difficult for many people to read and are not designed for those challenged with literacy. As well, these companies currently do not offer their product in a “ready-to-go” screen reader option. With 36% of the population lacking the required health literacy to read or act on prescription labels or patient handouts, many individuals are going without follow up education.Low health literacy is associated with poorer health outcomes and higher hospitalization rates, as well as an increased risk of adverse medication events. Whether at the hospital bedside or pharmacy counter, patients are regularly counseled about multiple prescriptions in less than two minutes. The patient is then sent home with stacks of medication leaflets that may be difficult to read.

About our solution: We are a content company. Our product is our library of Consumer Medication Information. Our education is designed to be much more accessible to a much larger percent of the population than currently available CMI options. The purpose is to create Consumer Medication Information that is more useable to the reader/listener, while also meeting all of the requirements listed in the FDA Useful Consumer Medication Information guidance document. Our product is ready-to-use, in a recorded human voice, without the need to link a document to a screen reader. Medications are easy to locate through generic or trade name and simple to navigate with our built in search engine. Our library may be utilized at the bedside or medical clinic as a teaching tool or accessed at home either as an email push or patient portal access.

Progress to date:

We provide a web based, copyright protected, consumer medication information library, ready to implement and tailor to the needs of any institution. Our content system is available in both English and Spanish.

In 2015 a study evaluating the effectiveness of the AudibleRx platform.

  • 30 low health literacy individuals were given a test after reading a standard CMI sheet.
    • Average score was 38%.
  • After the same individuals listened to an AudibleRx CMI they were given another test.
    • Average score was 75%

Results showed, after patients Challenged-with-health-Literacy listened to the AudibleRx CMI, there was no difference in test scores between those with adequate health literacy. This demonstrates that AudibleRx platform may address barriers individuals with low-health-literacy face.

Completed professional recording of nearly 300 CMI sessions in English and nearly 50% in Spanish.

Placed runner-up at CSUMB Startup Challenge 2018.

Completed small pilot study in an Acute Rehab Unit with cognitively impaired patients.. 7 of 7 showed 70% increased comprehension.

About Our Team

Creator: Steve Leuck

Location: California

Bio: Steve is an empathetic educator, dedicated to integrity, honest communicator, willing learner, project finisher, and able to hang on through the pain. Steve has over 30 years’ experience in pharmacy; including institutional, community, MTM, project implementation, regulatory compliance and management. Over 7 years ago I began studying our nation’s current state of Consumer Medication Information. I chose to make a difference.

Hospital Affiliation: Outpatient pharmacist for a community hospital.

Title: President / Founder

Advanced Degree(s): Pharm.D.

About Team Members

Jill Adachi
CEO / Founder, MPharm
Biography: Jill has 35+ years in health care management in institutional and industry settings with a proven track record in successful start-ups, turn around operations, and IPOs. In 1996, she also successfully started Strategic Healthcare Staffing, Inc. providing temporary staffing for pharmacists and pharmacy management consultation. The company employed up to 50 employees until the dissolution of the corporation in 2016.
Title: CEO / Founder
Advanced Degree(s): MPharm

About Our Company

AudibleRx, INC.

Location: 961 Brommer st
Santa Cruz, CA 95062

Founded: 2016


Twitter: @AudibleRx


Other link:

Other link:

Product Stage: Ready

YTD Sales: Working on it

Employees: 1-2

How We Help Patients

Our mission is to make Consumer Medication Information accessible to all.

How We Help Physicians

Give patients consistent medication education before they leave the office.

How We Help Hospitals

Decrease 30 day readmission, increase HCAHPS scores, and provide consistent medication education to each and every patient.

How We Help Partners

Consumer Medication Information everyone can access, help us build it!

Challenge Mission

Innovation Details

Intellectual Property Summary

AudibleRx registered Trademark by USPTO

Nearly 300 Consumer Med Info sessions, written and recorded by AudibleRx and copyright protected under Common Copyright Law. 


Title:                      Systems and Methods for Providing Disclosures to Customers 
Number:              US 20130179282 A1

Filing Date:          06/08/2012

Status:                  Patent Pending (closed, deemed not patentable after 3 re-submissions)


Patent Link

Clinical Information

In 2015 a study evaluating the effectiveness of the AudibleRx platform was completed at Waterloo University Graduate School of Pharmacy.

  • 30 low health literacy individuals were given a test after reading a standard Consumer Medication Information sheet.
    • The average score was 38%.
  • After the same individuals listened to an AudibleRx CMI presentation they were given another test.
    • The average score was 75%

Results showed, after patients Challenged-with-health-Literacy listened to the AudibleRx session, there was no difference in test scores between those with adequate health literacy. This demonstrates that AudibleRx medication information platform may address barriers and challenges individuals with low-health-literacy face.

Regulatory Status

AudibleRx does not diagnose, cure or treat any disease and therefore the AudibleRx app does not require FDA approval.


Consumer Medication Information is developed by commercial vendors.  FDA provides a Guidance Document with recommendations on how to write Useful CMI; however, the FDA does not approve or disapprove CMI.  There are no regulatory agencies that approve or disapprove CMI, it is incumbant upon the developer to follow the FDA rerccomendations in the Guidance Document.

How we will use the funds raised

We are seeking seed  funding of $500,000 to build and implement our B2B sales plan, contract our sales, marketing and IT team , and enhance and scale our product.  For the purpose of this competition, we are seeking $10,000 to finish building our Spanish library and contract with our IT team to finish a project.

Specifically, we are almost 50% complete with our Spanish library.  The estimated cost to complete the remaining 160+ medications with Spanish medical translation and recording is $6500.  

We are building a JAVA script code that will allow a small snippet of code to be placed in a website so that all of the names of the drugs on that website will be linked directly to our library of CMI.  This will be a key sales point to help implement our library in patient portals. The estimated cost for time for this build is $3000.

Thank You

We are pharmacists who each have over 30 years of experience in hospital and community settings. We know that consumers who understand their medications are more likely to take them and as a result, have better health outcomes and fewer hospitalizations.  We also know that many consumers are challenged with literacy or visual difficulties and cannot read or understand their prescription bottles let alone the attached FDA required Consumer Medication Information.  We started AudibleRx to solve this problem.  We want every consumer to understand their medication, take it as prescribed and lead healthier lives.  As a result, health care costs are saved, people are healthier and communities are stronger.




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Steve Leuck
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