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ApptoHealth: Alexa for hospitals that also detects emotions

by Deepti Deepak

A robotic automation for hospitals to reduce overhead and admin tasks. As patients use their voice to interact with providers, we automatically detect their emotions to better serve & diagnose.
Austin, TX United States Hospital Solutions AI in Medicine Depression AMIA challenge

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About our project

The problem we solve: Administrative tasks have become a burden on hospitals and providers have less time to actually understand patients' symptoms and problems. Patients need quick answers; 50% are already using voice assistants like Siri, Google, Alexa & Google Home and 69% are still calling hospitals. As patient interaction has evolved into AI based voice devices, hospitals are yet to adapt and benefit from these.

About our solution: As patients are calling & using their voice to reach out to hospitals, we use patients inputs and machine learning to automate tasks for hospitals. While they interact, our solution helps detect patients' state of mind using tone, pitch, words, etc. Here are our three key solutions: 1. Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVA): Integration with any EMR and automated scheduling and patient triaging with our IVA. 2. Patient engagement: Emotion and sentiment detection, follow-ups and reminders customized for each patient. 3. Direct Payment: integration with back office to allow patients to understand procedure costs and make easy payments.

Progress to date:

We have customers using in India & getting started in latin america. We are looking to get started in the USA.

About Our Team

Creator: Deepti Deepak

Location: New Jersey

Education: NJIT

Bio: A passionate entrepreneur, innovator & technologist connecting voice & mind to solve complex healthcare problems and make a difference in the medical field. Mind is more powerful than we think & our voice cannot hide what our mind feels. My decades of experience with audio technologies, telecom and medical devices have taken me on a journey in solving real world healthcare problems. My work with small companies include all kinds of fields from innovations to product management, business development to sales strategy and insights into various operations with big companies.

Title: Founder & Executive Director

Advanced Degree(s): M.S

About Team Members

Deepak Vittal
Director, M.B.A
Biography: Big Data, Cloud & Advanced Analytics Solution & Sales (Financial Services and Insurance)
Title: Director
Advanced Degree(s): M.B.A

About Our Company


Location: 815 Brazos St
Austin, TX 78701

Founded: 2018



Product Stage: In the Market

Employees: 5-10

How We Help Patients

PATIENTS: Let your voice be heard. Show the MEDICAL world that you agree with our innovation, want quick answers to your queries, enjoy virtual assistants like Alexa and would like to use it for medical purposes.  

  • Quick Answers & Self-Triage
  • Better user Experience
  • Improved Satisfaction
  • Better Customer Service


How We Help Physicians

Providers, you are being overwhelmed with administartive tasks and are not able spend quality time with patients. Don't you want help with your operations and understand what goes on in patient's mind when you're helping them with their queries?

  • Reduce staff administrative tasks
  • Better Patient engagement & experience
  • Understand patients emotions automatically, hear them out

Responses from patients are available for analysis for your reference ans well for learning.

How We Help Hospitals

HOSPITALS, We integrate with any EMR you may have. Our voice assistants are intelligent and saves you time on call and data entry.

  • Allocate staff efficiently by understanding and analyzing patients needs
  • Reduce your front desk tasks and allow them to focus on important tasks
  • Increase & improve patient engagement & allow quick responses
  • Save costs with calls and improved efficiency
  • Understand patients' emotions and react accordingly

How We Help Partners

We're always looking for partners and know they're provide economies of scale to expand exponentially. We would like to have EMR providers, RPA products, Insurance companies, Medical billing software and service providers, Clinical research Organizations, Pharma companies, medical device companies, etc. as our partners.

Challenge Mission


We are not affiliated with any university.

Key Milestones Achieved and Planned

We have 10,000+ plus patients through hospitals in india using our system for more than a year. ApptoHealth is integrated with their EMR, SoftClinic. We have partnered with Orion health rhapsody to integrate with any EMR in USA. We have received verbal approval from group of 400 hospitals in Peru to integrate our scheduling system and add a voice channel. We have worked with MRI Imaging center here in Colorado for patient engagement. Our next inflection point will be starting pilots with hospitals here in USA.

Our Competitive Advantages

Our use of connecting mind and voice while patients reaching out to hospitals is unlike any other competition on the market. There are some companies working with voice technologies. Orbita is one of the competitors that deploys to voice devices, but their product does not work with calls or routing and also does not provide sentiment analysis.

Barriers to Entry

The adoption rate is slow in the medical world, we will always have the first mover advantage.

Funding, Partners and Alliances To Date

We are in process of finalizing the deal with a group of 400 hospitals in Peru with 2.5 million patients. They really liked our product and expressed interest in piloting. We're self-funded and have raised 100,000+ from friends and family until now. We are looking to raise $500,000+ to expand to hospitals here in USA and globally.

Innovation Details

Intellectual Property Summary

Detecting patients emotions on voice as they interact with hospitals is very critical

Clinical Information

Our product is HIPAA compliant, however, we're not looking to be in the clinical trial phase yet.

Regulatory Status

We do not require FDA approval as this is a cloud-based software.

How we will use the funds raised

We will use these funds to expand our development team for product enhahancements and sales & marketing efforts to expand in the US.

Thank You

We are an amazing team of people, passionate about making a differnce in the medical world. Patients do not understand providers and providers do not understand everything about patients. We believe Robots can bridge that gap and make hospitals' tasks easy while adding immense value to patients.



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