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DIAGNOSE : A Clinical Decision Support System

by Deepak Mahendarkar

DIAGNOSE is an inter-operable, evidence-based add-on system to EHR/EMR, allowing physicians to use one system and prescribe non-pharmacological treatments and comply w/ opioid regulations.
Marlborough, MA United States Clinical Interventions Interoperability Mental Health AMIA challenge

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About our project

The problem we solve: Regulations and compliance around opioid care delivery are onerous. Currently clinicians have to use multiple systems to fulfill these rules which is a.) error prone b.)time-consuming c.) frustrating due to lack of inter-operability. In addition there is no uniformity in care when treating opioid impacted patients. Further there is lack of automation which in turn is affecting physician effectiveness.

About our solution: Opioid help center's DIAGNOSE product is an inter-operable clinical decision support system that is purpose built & designed as an add-on to EHR/EMR systems, allowing physicians to use one system. DIAGNOSE is an evidence-based product that assists physicians to prescribe non-pharmacological treatments and deliver care in a uniform way across the provider organization. DIAGNOSE automates manual processes at point of care assisting clinicians and improves efficiencies in provider organization.

Progress to date:

Currently conducting customer discovery sessions as such we are in the validation phase. 

About Our Team

Creator: Deepak Mahendarkar

Location: Massachusetts

Bio: Current interests include • Public health crisis mngmt • Digital Transformations • Cloud Transformation • Supply chain Management with focus on product safety Core competencies include • Product Management • Strategic Planning • Project Management • Architecture • Governance • Personnel Management I can pave path to adoption for IoT (Internet of Things), Smart Connected Products, Ubiquitous Computing, Mesh Networks, RFID, SOA, Cloud computing, BPM, Big Data, Mobile enablement, Portal and other platforms by providing roadmap models. Provide IT strategic leadership and to enterprises that are green in such adoption can be hands-on member of the development team – assisting with translating business strategy into technology solutions with a viable architectural vision which supports development frameworks, design patterns with emphasis on reduced code redundancy. Can provide blueprints, roadmap, connectivity options, patterns and strategy assessment with solution implementation for domains such as IoT, Smart Connected Products, HealthCare, P&C, Annuity Insurance, Financials, Govt.

Title: CEO

Advanced Degree(s): Bachelor of Engineering, MBA

About Our Company

Opioid Help Center

Location: 53 Dartmouth St
Marlborough, MA 01752

Founded: 2018


Product Stage: Idea

YTD Sales: Working on it

Employees: 1-2

How We Help Patients

The purpose of CONNECT solution is to provide one-stop place for patients to access any service provider, for instance, detox clinic, rehab center, counseling services, etc. Currently, patients struggle with this and OHC is bridging the gap. CONNECT's sole purpose is to help opioid impacted individual recover

The purpose of DIAGNOSE solution is to provide a physician with non-pharmacological options to treat patients with pain conditions with non-prescription based therapies or non-opioid based prescriptions or if the patient is undergoing opioid prescription based treatment manage the tapering of opioid usage. DIAGNOSE's sole purpose is to prevent patients from opioid addiction.     

How We Help Physicians

The purpose of CONNECT solution is to provide 360 view of the patient. You as service provider running, for instance, pain management specialist, now know the past history of the patient (across care spectrum) so you can formulate your services more effectively. We supply providers with tools to provide true care-coordination and have the satisfaction of truly helping the patient recover

The purpose of DIAGNOSE solution is to provide a physician with an inter-operable clinical decision support system that is purpose-built & designed as an add-on to EHR/EMR systems, allowing physicians to use one system, assist physicians to prescribe non-pharmacological treatments and deliver care in a uniform way across the provider organization, automates manual processes at point of care allowing physicians with more patient care time not bogging  physicians with more paperwork time and finally preventing the patient from opioid addiction. 


How We Help Hospitals

The purpose of CONNECT solution is to allow you to run your outpatient & emergency services as relates to opioid use disorder with better case management functionality. This tool will help you provide care coordination across your various outpatient & emergency services. The product provides referral capabilities to external services other than one offered by your organization. 

The DIAGNOSE solution is built to improve efficiencies of your physician's thereby contributing to your bottom line, this while providing uniform care, complying with govt regulations and automating manual processes. 

Challenge Mission


Member of: Allied Against Opioid Abuse Organization Advocates for Opioid Recovery Organization

Key Milestones Achieved and Planned

Since Sept 2018 (after we started) we are in the customer discovery phase, the achieved milestones include: Attended over 2 conferences, public events as relates opioid use disorder. Spoke with over 10 potential users, customers of our solution. After our customer discovery, we intend to put together MVP 1.0 with a focus on creating POC to potential customers to get buy-in by Jan 2019. We plan on having a beta ready product by June 2019. We will roll out trial subscription product by end of year of 2019.

Our Competitive Advantages

Our trademark protected, patent-pending solution is moat across our company. Due to our patient first engagement model strategy, we will have the critical patient population to get the buy-in from providers. Due to our focus on improving physician efficiencies and automation, we will have early mover advantage which we will use to have strategic partnerships with provider organizations, by providing EHR/EMR customizations that are specific to a provider organization we will further solidify our moat, we will build our know-how of provider organizations processes & standards followed around care delivery and automate any manual processes.

Barriers to Entry

Our barriers to market entry by competitors are patents and trademark protection, provider organization partnerships, early mover and expertise & know-how.

Funding, Partners and Alliances To Date

We are currently self-funded. We are taking advantage of our founder's experience in areas such as public health, healthcare, architecture, development, operations etc.

Innovation Details

Intellectual Property Summary

I have registered for a trademark and have been conditionally granted the trademark.

I have filed for patents for two solutions a.) DIAGNOSE - CDSS solution for Opioid use prevention b.)CONNECT - Case Management solution for  Opioid use recovery.

Clinical Information

Michael G. DeGroote National Pain Centre, McMaster University. Canadian guideline for safe and effective use of opioids for chronic noncancer pain. 2017; [cited Sept 5, 2017]. Available from:

Centre for Effective Practice. Management of chronic non cancer pain (Appendix). 2017; [cited Sept 27, 2017]. Available from:


Regulatory Status

There is no FDA clearance plan as this is a technology solution, however, need MedStartr to help with conducting customer discovery sessions and pilot launches. 

How we will use the funds raised

Funds would be used to hire 3 engineers, 1 sales person.

Funds would be used towards hosting, legal, marketing services, fund potential customer's trial subscriptions for 3 months.

Thank You

Per National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers only 11.2% of Americans with addiction get treatment, however, 85% of 29 mln Americans get diabetes treatment. Lets up the treatment percentage to have a meaningful impact on the opioid crisis. I have extensive experience with healthcare-related govt agencies whose mission is public health & well being, from this experience I can use my lessons learned from my past successful implementations of big impact programs such as health insurance exchange, health information exchange, MMIS and bring the same rigor in areas of architecture, development, public health program & operations to Opioid Help Center. The technology solutions we are working draws on crisis management methodologies that have proven track record to manage a major public health crisis such as opioid. The technology solutions address two areas in opioid crisis a.)prevention b.)recovery, with this approach we can have a meaningful impact in getting the opioid treatment percentage up towards a respectable number to tackle this crisis.           



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    Deepak Mahendarkar posted on 13th October, 2018

    Opioid Help Center was chosen by the selective Social Enterprise Greenhouse Accelerator program. Program details at Social Enterprise Greenhouse webesite @

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