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TXP Chat: Real time artificial intelligence for organ transplant

by Eric Pahl

transplant more organs while improving outcomes during real-time decisions about organ transplants.
Coralville, IA United States AI in Medicine HIT Informatics AMIA challenge

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About our project

The problem we solve: In the USA, 54% of authorized organs for transplant are wasted due to a broken supply chain for deceased donor organ allocation, procurement, and transplantation.

About our solution: HIPAA compliant, real-time, team-based, mobile chat with artificial intelligence to support better and faster clinical decision-making.

Progress to date:

We have been implemented clinically, LIVE, for 12 months. We have more than 400 transplant professionals practicing in more than 10 states. Data from the last 12 months show that our product improves clinical productivity, keeps clinical professionals up-to-date without being overwhelmed, reduces redundant phone calls, reduces organ cold ischemic time, reduces the overall time for organ allocation, procurement, and transplant, and ultimately, increases the number of organ transplants. TXP Chat costs $100/user/month and our users are PAYING users. Extrapolating our growth projections, the company is on track for ~$100,000 ARR by the end of 2018. 

About Our Team

Creator: Eric Pahl

Location: Iowa

Bio: I make technology work. CoFounder of HealthTech Solutions, Inc. an exciting, fast-paced mobile software company specializing in building productivity mobile apps for Healthcare, specifically, the coordination of Organ Transplants. Health information technology entrepreneur. Passionate about improving the efficiency, accessibility, and value of healthcare services with Internet of Things and Informatics technologies.

Title: CTO & CoFounder

About Team Members

Dalton Shaull
CEO & CoFounder, BS
Biography: HealthTech Solutions, Inc. (HTS) - Creators of TXP Chat™ Dalton presently serves as CEO/President. Mr. Shaull’s 'Connected Purpose' stems from his personal experiences including a near-fatal automobile accident and a recipient of an experimental transplant at Mayo Clinic as a result. Mr. Shaull also brings a network of hospitals, surgeons, administrators, and investors to the business including key relationships at organ procurement organizations across the US and leads customer success development and clinical support. Mr. Shaull provides clinical knowledge per his experience and studies as a medical student and employee at a disruptive startup in the medical education space, Higher Learning Technologies (HLT, Inc.). ORGAN PROCUREMENT ORGANIZATION COMMUNICATION SPECIALIST As a Transplant Communication Specialist within HTS, I work to understand how we can use accessible mobile technology to empower all communication between Organ Procurement Organizations and their Transplant Centers to maximize the efficiency of the transplant process from the initial offer and donor management to procurement and transplantation and the logistics that surround these collaborative processes.
Title: CEO & CoFounder
Advanced Degree(s): BS

About Our Company

HealthTech Solutions

Location: 2500 Crosspark Rd.
Coralville, IA 52241

Founded: 2016




Product Stage: In the Market

YTD Sales: Less than $250,000

Employees: 5-10

How We Help Patients

More patients are transplanted while using our product, increasing patient quality adjusted life-years by 10 years on average compared to end-stage organ failure treatments (e.g. dialysis). It's been estimated that 30% of deaths in the USA could have been prevented by organ transplant!

How We Help Physicians

We give providers more time and higher quality data to make better clinical decisions!

How We Help Hospitals

Transplant more organs and improve patient outcomes!

How We Help Partners

We have an API-first infrastructure that allows us to integrate and expand existing systems easily! We can add AI or real-time chat to any other Health IT product offering.

Challenge Mission


The University of Iowa

Key Milestones Achieved and Planned

Clinical validation. Revenue. More than 200 transplants facilitated. Raised >$1M for equity. Secured an NIH SBIR Phase I grant. More than 400 clinical professionals using the product daily and reporting excellent user experiences.

Our Competitive Advantages

We are uniquely designed and built for transplant, where there are no competitors at the premium product offering level.

Barriers to Entry

Copyright, trade-secrets, and patents. Also, unique market knowledge and data that no other company has.

Funding, Partners and Alliances To Date

We have raised over $2M to date in the form of federal/local grants and private investment for equity.

Innovation Details

Intellectual Property Summary

Provisional Patent

Clinical Information

Yes, we were funded by the NIH for a Phase I SBIR last year. Our product reduced redundant phone calls, increased clinical productivity, improved communication and coordination, reduced organ cold ischemic time, reduced total case time, increased the number of transplants.

Regulatory Status

Not Applicable.

How we will use the funds raised

Expanding our sales and marketing operations to deliver this critical product to all transplant programs and save more lives.

Thank You

Please help us end the organ transplant waiting list by improving the organ supply and reducing waste in the system!



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