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(my)aiBUD: AI Driven Predictive and Connected Health Platform

by Rajat Sharma

Leverage advanced wearables and AI to track and interpret vitals enabling preventive healthcare. Develop a platform which connects the healthcare ecosystem of doctors, ambulances, labs and pharmacies
Singapore, Singapore Prevention Real Time Results challenge NOLAHI Challenge - See All

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About our project

The problem we solve: Healthcare services are impersonal, reactive and offline in nature. While digital health consultation is emerging but it is adding to the cost of healthcare rather the reducing the cost in the value chain. There is no real-time data available in the hands of doctors to advise patients or decide the NEXT BEST ACTION.

About our solution: C2P AI platform is designed to understand you just like a family doctor does. C2P uses IOT , AI and ecosystem connectivity to provide personalized and predictive actions and proactively connects your to the health ecosystem . It leverages structured( health profile , past history , sensor data) and unstructured data ( lifestyle data) to make prediction using AI and ML.The APP sync data to Cloud and the AI engine predicts heart health based on trained models. A 24*7 buddy (back end call centre, managed by us or client) can get an alert in case of any “RED flags“ and the buddy can further ask the user to consult a doctor or go to a lab for tests or get an ambulance in case of emergencies

Progress to date:

We have been working on this platform since 2017. Our AI model is ready, also our first version of APP is available. We are now working to enhance the APP UI. Currently, we are able to interpret key body vitals by analyzing real-time data through ECG, PWG, HR, BP, Food and Steps. We also have a 24X7 call centre to get in touch with the users if they discover something alarming. The coaches and doctors in our centre curate exercise and diet plans and help the customer connect to the right healthcare needs before it is too late. As of now we are about to start a POC with one of a large MNC insurer and are also talking to many enterprises for POC. Till date, we have seen a good response. We were in the Top 10 shortlist for the most innovative Healthcare startup @ IoT congress 2018, NASA – Funded TRISH( a space health arm) invited us for showcase in Austin to partner with TRISH to solve challenges around astronaut health, and we were shortlisted as one of the Top 10 Healthcare startups in APAC by healthcare outlook magazine. Immediate focus market is disease and health management to be delivered digitally. People in the age group of 45 years and above, primarily the ageing population, with or without pre-existing conditions, retired or still working and where kids are not staying with them. Globally the addressable market is 180B today and is expected to grow to 686B by 2026. We are focusing on the LONG TAIL of healthcare by leveraging AI to make healthcare and disease management more accessible and affordable in markets with a large population like India, Indonesia, Vietnam. 

About Our Team

Creator: Rajat Sharma

Location: Canillo

Bio: Head of Asia business @eBao( Alibaba investment), Advisor – Smartlands ( $20mn ICO), Regional Sales Head at HCL and product management at startup Reach Tech

Title: Founder and CEO

Advanced Degree(s): MBA, BE

About Our Company


Singapore, 02 518769

Founded: 2017




Product Stage: Prototype/MVP

Employees: 5-10

How We Help Patients

How many times have you heard that someone died because of a heart attack, but he was so young and healthy? Another situation is a person who walks out of a clinic knowing he is suffering from high cholesterol, or BP and some heart condition. How does this person ensure that he reaches the hospital before anything goes wrong? Our platform is geared to solve both these problems. You get a device which you use once or twice a day to provide key vital data. On the connected APP, you can see all your data like ECG, PWG, BMI, HR, BP, Steps, Food intake and using our AI algorithm you will get an index called Healthy Heart Index. There will be a 24X7 health buddy which will get attached to you and he will ensure that you are provided daily with insights on your overall well being. He will guide you on an exercise and diet plan. You will be connected to a hospital, doctor, pharmacy, lab and all your medical needs will be taken care of.

How We Help Physicians

When a patient walks into the room you are only connected to him for those 10 minutes. You don't get much information of what he has been going through in the past 3 or 9 months. If there is a dashboard for each of your patients where you can access all their prescriptions, lab test results, medicine intakes and also see what they have been eating, what exercises and activity they have been doing, and also on a day to day basis you get access to their ECG, PWG, HR, BP you can make more informed decisions when he comes to you. To this, the platform will automatically highlight a particular patient if it finds something alarming and you can reach out to him yourself by initiating a video call and either ask him to meet you or get him for tests. You and your patient are not disconnected. You have a status of their health on a day to day basis. You now know exactly their life history and the changes to lifestyle and habits that they are going through. You are more informed and more connected. This is the concept of a family doctor who knows a person inside out. This is the starting point of ensuring that your patients EMR are available to you at any place or time and you can easily share this data to get advise from a senior doctor. Over a period of time, you can then build location, age, ethnicity based correlations or uncover effects of a particular treatment as reflected by data. You can make corrections on the fly by either stopping or adding medicines. The AI is just the first level filter and you have all the control needed to provide the right assessment and advice to your patient.

How We Help Hospitals

The biggest problem with hospitals is that once they discharge a patient they get disconnected. It is high time that hospitals look at opportunities where remote monitoring, continuous monitoring and preventive healthcare are part of their services. Hospitals are not only there to just cure when someone comes with an ailment but now they have a more active role to play where they can provide preventive healthcare. With a pool of nurses and doctors, this can be easily accomplished. A patient who comes to a hospital for high BP, stress, high cholesterol or a patient who is discharged after undergoing treatment for a heart-related ailment needs continuous monitoring. Our platform provides regular monitoring of patient vitals through ECG, PWG, BP, HR. In addition, we track activity and food. The platform will also provide alerts for patients where it finds an issue and the hospital can get in touch with these people to take the next best action. Disease Management becomes one of the underlying solutions from a hospital to it's patient. This builds more trust between the hospital and the patients

How We Help Partners

We integrate on our platform healthcare providers like pharmacies, path labs, and ambulances. Many customers need regular medicines. We provide pharmacies with an app where they can see the prescription which is sent to them by a patient. They can either deliver it to their doorstep or make it ready so that the patient can pick it up at his convenience. In addition, once the medicines are getting over, there are alerts so that the pharmacy can confirm with the patient and re-send them. Similarly for labs. You can provide the convenience where blood can be collected from home. We provide an APP to the labs through which they can publish their price for various tests as well as packages. When a customer books one of the tests, there is an APP for the collection boy where he knows for which test he needs to collect blood. End customer can track the collection boy as well. All reports can be uploaded to the patient's APP and he can then share it with his doctor as well.

Challenge Mission

How We Address the Mission of The Challenge(s)

Ochsner/Lafayette General Foundation /Tulane: We use smart devices through which people can provide data around their key vitals like ECG, PWG, HR and BP, track their food patterns, travel frequency, past ailments, family history, and exercise. All this data is available digitally and the AI analysis the data to come out with a Healthy Heart Index. By giving them access to a smart health device which can be conveniently put in a pocket we can gather all this data on a daily basis allowing for individual-level assessment and building correlations with other factors like age, ethnicity, location, occupation, diet (food intake). New Orleans Health Department / Tulane Health System: Our app connects an individual to the entire health care ecosystem. He is connected to the doctor allowing him to Get confirmed appointment with verified doctors, remote monitoring, online prescription, home visit if needed, and an Insurance Wallet to get a quotation and other policy-related information.

New Orleans and Our Company

We are based out of Singapore. But we will be more than happy to come down to USA. USA has always been at the cusp of innovation and has led the way globally to provide new standards in health care. We are confident that our engagement with New Orleans will give us the needed insights and guidance to develop the right solution and to ensure that we plug in any gaps if needed.

Innovation Details

Intellectual Property Summary

We are filing for IP in Singapore. Our key IP is our AI model and algorithms which enable us to read ECG data and then interpret as to which cardiovascular condition the person may be going through. In addition, we build a correlation between ECG, HR, BP, Pulse Wave (to calculate arterial age), food habits (calories, fat, cholesterol, carbs, fibre, sugar, protein, vitamins, calcium, iron), and do a heart risk assessment. The AI generates individual scores and then generates a healthy heart index. We have met the relevant authorities and are now working on to prepare our application for submission. In addition, we are also working to submit an application to be part of the Ministry of Health Singapore sandbox. This will allow us to initiate market outreach and we can engage hospitals, insurers and caregivers to work on our platform. In India, we have given the platform to AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical Sciences) for validation and certification. AIIMS is conducting field tests and we are hopeful to collaborate with them for real-life business case soon

Clinical Information

When we started we were looking at developing our own devices so that we can capture key vitals. But then as we progressed we decided to make our platform open. As of now we have tied up with two manufacturers in Taiwan and have integrated their devices. The sensors on the devices capture values and send it to our Cloud. Our AI engine then interprets these values to provide insights and results. With our manufactures, we have done trials in Taiwan. As of now, the prediction is highly accurate. The clinical research, which received approval from the local ethics committee, was made in Chang-Gung Memorial Hospital, Keelung, Taiwan. In total 187 patients (81 women and 106 men; age 61±15 years; 71 in AFib). were recruited to participate in this validation study, and 20 subjects (10 AFib) were excluded due to the experiment had not been a success (fail definition in Institutional Review Board (IRB) protocol). Through the IRB protocol, subjects must participate in the ten-minute experiment, make successful records from our device and platform which provides prediction at most five times while also attaching with the Holter monitor. In summary, there are 649 available records in this research. The ECG analysis from our platform would synchronize with the Holter monitor in the offline analysis. The decision of AFib detection from us, and ECGs from Holter are independently interpreted by two cardiologists. In case of disagreement of interpretations, a consensus was reached by discussion between these two cardiologists. Results: Sensitivity, specificity, overall accuracy, and kappa coefficient (95% CI) for diagnosis of AFib from Freescan in this clinical research are 88.31% (84.17%-92.48%), 98.80% (97.76%-99.85%), 95.07 % (93.40%-96.74%), and 0.890 (0.866-0.914) for record-based performance, and 96.72% (92.25%-100%), 99.06% (97.22%-100%), 98.20% (96.19%-100%), and 0.961 (0.932-0.990) for subject-based performance. We used the majority vote to report our subject-based performance. All false-negative records are caused by poor signal quality. The most causes of false-positive records are regular rhythm and a false decision of P-wave absence. Conclusions: Clinical results demonstrate the feasibility of using our platform in detecting AFib as the preliminary screening results, and we can lead a well enough performance in comparison with a Holter monitor in real-application

Regulatory Status

We have not yet thought about FDA. Our focus market as of now is Asia which has a huge population and the health care systems are not very modern. In addition, many people are not able to get proper health services. We will like to work with governments to reach out to rural areas so that local doctors can get advice from senior practitioners in the city. Our immediate goal is to start POC. We will be doing one such POC with a large insurer in HK soon. We need data and more users to join the program. But we cannot give devices for free and hence need funding to continue to cover the cost of engineering and devices

How we will use the funds raised

Initial money will go into doing POC. Each large enterprise wants to run a pilot. This includes devices, usage of the platform and providing a dedicated call centre which we call the Wellness Buddy. Even for a 10 person POC we will need to ensure that there are buddies assigned. These include a dietician, physician, exercise physiologist, counsellor and a senior doctor. This is the heavy cost for us as of now. But this is the most important aspect of the solution. These people who get data will be able to guide the end customer properly and curate the right medical and health advice for them. Our IT team will then start collating the feedback from this group and feed to the AI model so that the machine over a period of time can take over tasks which will be done by this set of professionals. This work will ensure that we don't have to add more and more staff as we add more customers. We will be able to run the back end support centre with a thin staff who will only look at exceptions and provide review and guidance. Another immediate step is to ramp up our engineering team. We need to work on the UI and UX of the end customer app and make it more engaging. Currently, it is only functional but needs work so that it provides the right level of engagement. The last area is to hire developers to work with our data scientist on the AI model and algorithms. We have already talked to the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT - Ropar), who have willingly agreed to allow us to talk and interview their students and onboard them for this project. But we will have to pay students a stipend. These are where the immediate funds will go. As our focus market is to work with enterprises we don't plan to spend money on sales and marketing. We have enough contacts in the industry and we have built a good amount of initial leads and traction. We have interested parties in HK, Indonesia, and Vietnam.  

Thank You

Healthcare services are impersonal, reactive and offline in nature. While digital health consultation is emerging but it is adding to the cost of healthcare rather the reducing the cost in the value chain. There is no real-time data in the hands of doctors to advise patients or decide the NEXT BEST ACTION. C2P AI platform is designed to understand you just like a family doctor does. C2P uses IOT, AI and ecosystem connectivity to provide personalized and predictive actions and proactively connects you to the health ecosystem. It leverages structured (health profile, past history, sensor data) and unstructured data (lifestyle data) to make a prediction using AI and ML. The APP syncs data to Cloud and the AI engine predicts heart health based on trained models. A 24*7 buddy (back end call centre, managed by us or client) can get alerts in case of any “RED flags“ and the buddy can further ask the user to consult a doctor or go to a  lab for tests or get an ambulance in case of emergencies. We want to start with heart care and then add other diseases like diabetes management, asthma and others. We want to develop not only an AI-driven disease and wellness management platform but also provided a health care ecosystem connectivity so that next time a person goes to a doctor all details about him are available as a simple dashboard. The doctor can continue to remain in touch with the patient always. Making medicines available at the doorstep or allowing for a video chat with a doctor is the need of the hour which is needed not only for aged people but for all of us who are too busy and don't have much time. Even if we can save one life by forewarning a person we will consider mission accomplished. Look at millions living in villages where there are no qualified doctors. If their vital data could be sent to senior consultants and immediate advice is available we can save lives, and provide a healthy living to so many. This means we have achieved some purpose in this life, a small step so that next generation can live better and stay more healthy. Help us in our mission. You will be helping towards a big cause. 



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