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Best Tech Imaging PLLC: Medical Imaging Center

by Willie Griggs

Medical Imaging Center, the first ever on the Eastside of San Antonio,Tx. X-rays and Ultrasound
san antonio, TX United States Diagnostics

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About our project

The problem we solve: The east side of San Antonio,Tx has a growing geriatric community, as well as pediatrics, low income individuals, people with limited health coverage, as well as poor to no transportation. Best Tech Imaging will be the first standalone X-ray and Ultrasound clinic on this side of town. This will allow the patients of this community to take advantage of advanced imaging without having to commute numerous miles, for basic procedures. For the duration of my 34 years in this city, this problem has never been addressed.

About our solution: I will incorporate digital x-ray and ultrasound units, with rapid turnaround, and prompt interpretations from our teleradiology partners. Patients will be able to walk in with either a hand carried order, or a call from their providers, and receive excellent service, within their own neighborhood.

Progress to date:

Best Tech Imaging

In regards to our progress since the concept inception of the company:

  • Formation of BTI bank account with BBVA Business Banking 07/2018
  • 09/2018 BTI established and formed as a PLLC in the state of Texas and recognized as a Veteran owned business
  • 09/2018-present Best Tech Imaging has established vendor tradlines to build Dun and Bradstreet and Experian business scores. A total of 7 tradelines with approximately $8,000 in credit
  • BTI signed a 2 year lease for 2 suites( suite 105& 106) at 155 s ww white rd, San Antonio,TX 78219 on 01/18/2019 for $5500/mo. The landlord is waiving the 1st 2 months and will be contributing $30,000 towards floor layout and renovations. The proposed project is scheduled to begin 04/2019.
  • Equipment quotes received for X-ray unit and ultrasound machine
  • contract in place for teleradiology fees
  • note* the suites on the contracts state 102-103. there was a change after the contract signing per the Landlord that I agreed to. He requested a text authorization 
  • My marketer has generated great interest from the local community on the eastside in regards to the necessity of this business. So far he's received feedback from over 200-300 members of the area over the span of 2 weeks canvasing the area.

About Our Team

Creator: Willie Griggs

Location: Texas

Education: US Army Academy of Health Sciences graduate

Bio: This is Willie Griggs R.T.(R) A.R.R.T., founder of Best Tech Imaging PLLC. After 34 years of taking x-rays in the beautiful city of San Antonio, I discovered there was something missing: An imaging center on the Eastside! After careful market research and analysis, it turns out that all the major players in the city, in regards to diagnostic x-rays, ultrasounds, MRI, CT-scan, Bone Density (DEXA), Interventional, Nuclear Medicine, Mammography, etc. with a total of 40+ locations, have forgotten that side of town. I am committed, as a Military Veteran, ,to assist the underserved citizens of Bexar county, to receive the services they deserve, without the inconvenience of an extended commute. Our initial service offering will consist of x-ray and ultrasound services, with future services and locations throughout the Eastside, as we grow.

Hospital Affiliation: Clinic

Title: Business Owner

Advanced Degree(s): associates level

About Our Company

Best Tech Imaging PLLC

Location: 155 s W.W. white rd
san antonio, TX 78219

Founded: 2018




Product Stage: Ready

Employees: 5-10

How We Help Patients

My marketer spoke to quite a few senior citizens on the eastside of San Antonio in regards to establishing a stand alone Medical Imaging Center. The responses were uniformly positive. The primary concern is that many seniors, and underprivileged individuals, lack the access to make it to get basic image exams. Some get frustrated, and skip their appointments, which further compromises their well being. With BTI in close proximity, there physical and emotional needs will be met.

Innovation Details

Intellectual Property Summary

This is not a new innovation, yet it is new for this city. However, we do have plans in the future to develop more advanced imaging modalities, once the proper patents, r&d, and funding are in place.

Clinical Information

The clinical effacy of Radiology has been established since 1895. 

Regulatory Status

The imaging units I intend to purchase meet all FDA regulations and guidelines.

How we will use the funds raised





Start up and operating costs


Start up costs:

  • Estimate and location found to lease. 1.35/sq foot; 2000 sq feet single story; $2700/mo which covers taxes and insurance; $5400 down for 2 year lease; 155 WW WHITE ROAD, SAN ANTONIO, TX  78219
  • electric: $500
  • water: $150
  • State inspections and equipment  certifications: $400
  • renovation to leasing space: $40,000
  • x-ray machine (Direct Radiography $180,000 finance with 20% down) $36,000
  • Ultrasound (2): $30,000  Advertising and Marketing; printed marketing material: $5,000
  • Medical supplies and personal protection devices (gloves, paper shorts, gowns, lead aprons, lead shields, wipes, etc.: $5,000
  • Company website, IT: $2,000
  • Telecommunications services: $800
  • subtotal $103,000


  • Payroll for 6 months:  1-X-ray tech $27,500,1- Ultrasound Tech $32,500 x2, 2 front desk clerks $30,000, 1-Office Manager: $34,000, 1 billing and coding clerk $25,000, 1-Marketer $20,000 total: $201,500 @40 hrs/week
  • Computers, desks, office supplies: $5,000

Total startup costs: $331,500



Thank You

I didn't envision the historical significance of this project, until after I'd begun my initial research. The populace of the eastside of San Antonio is in dire need of this imaging center. It will provide access to convenient Radiology and Ultrasound services, and expedient interpretations to their providers. I have spent the bulk of my 34 years in the field, in this city, and I'm amazed that this issue wasn't addressed sooner. Now is the time to make a difference. With your help, the citizens of the eastside will finally have access to this initiative within the confines of their community. I am humbled to be able to provide this service, as well as supply higher paying jobs, to strengthen the economy.



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Willie Griggs
Business Owner
US Army Academy of Health Sciences graduate

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