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Life Formulation: The Next Step in Treatment Planning

by Eric Maisel

Practitioners need a useful alternative to the DSM. Life Formulation allows practitioners to present a clear picture of what's going on with their clients, leading to more effective helping.
walnut creek, CA United States Depression Mental Health Takeda challenge

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About our project

The problem we solve: Right now there are no viable diagnostic alternatives to the DSM. Life Formulation is a robust alternative diagnostic that allows practitioners to describe in clear, everyday, non-medical language what their clients are presenting and what they propose to do to help, thereby revolutionizing diagnosis and treatment.

About our solution: Life Formulation solves the current diagnostic and treatment problems presented by a focus on the DSM by providing practitioners with a smart, simple, useful seven category template, perfect for an application, that allows them to say everything they need to say about their client's distress and about treatment options.

Progress to date:Life Formulation has been described in detail in The Future of Mental Health (Transaction Publishers) and has received tremendous support. Practitioners want Life Formulation fleshed out and available as an application so that they can begin to use it as a supplement and complement to DSM diagnosing and as a substitute for DSM diagnosing.

About Our Team

Creator: Eric Maisel

Location: California


Title: none

Advanced Degree(s): Ph.D.

About Our Company

Life Formulation

Location: 1113 singingwood court, #4
walnut creek, CA 94595

Founded: 2015

Product Stage: Idea

YTD Sales: Working on it

Employees: 1-2

Challenge Mission

How we will improve Depression Care

Individuals who are suffering from mental and emotional distress need a better response from mental health practitioners than a DSM diagnosis followed by a chemical fix. They need a robust application that takes into account their life experiences, current circumstances, meaning needs, life purpose choices, and practical and emotional challenges and that allows both client and practitioner to express their understanding of what's going on. The Life Formulation app takes all of this into account in a robust, simple-to-use way.

How we will make the lives of those who suffer from depression better

Sufferers will arrive at a much better understanding of their current situation, the sources of their distress, and the options available to them for relief and they will arrive at this understanding at a level considerably deeper than symptom relief. They will feel better more quickly, the results will be longer lasting, and, if they opt not to supplement their treatment with chemicals, there will experience no negative drug side effects.

Innovation Details

Intellectual Property Summary

I have revealed nothing and am keeping my ideas a trade secret.

Clinical Information

No studies

Regulatory Status

Not applicable

How we will use the funds raised

The money will be used to create an application that mental health providers can use so that they can begin diagnosing using the Life Formulation model.

Thank You

I am spearheading a future of mental health movement, described in The Future of Mental Health (Transaction Publishers) and on my Psychology Today blog "Rethinking Mental Health," and a vital part of that changed mental health landscape is a new diagnostic system that doesn't rely on the DSM and that does a better job than current methods of expressing what is really going on for clients in distress who come to mental health professionals looking for more than a one-size-fits-all label.



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    Marj Penley posted on 4th September, 2016

    Marj Penley posted on 4th September 2016 I support the project 100 per cent. In over 30 years as a licensed therapist, I have never found the DSM to be helpful. You have done so much through your writing and classes in the field of creativity, I hope you can do as much in mental health.

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