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Nutraceutical Weight Loss: Long term study for Nutraceutical Cure for Obesity

by Roc Ordman

I seek 300 volunteers to contribute $100 each to join a study to lose weight with a nutraceutical plan requiring no change in behavior or exercise, shown effective by a 2 week pilot study.
Monticello, WI United States Healthy Living Medical Education MedStartr Ventures challenge

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About our project

The problem we solve: Two thirds of Americans are overweight or obese, including 3 out of 4 men. We spend more than $60 billion annually on various ineffective diet plans and weight cures. We each have a weight-set point that our physiology governs. Dieting slows metabolism and increases the weight set point, causing most dieters to gain weight eventually. As a member of the American Society of Nutrition, I have read the top nutrition research journals since 1994. Numerous peer-reviewed double-blind scientific studies have shown that neither dietary nor exercise changes are effective to lose weight. While many “know” the answer, the obesity epidemic continues. Even those of us who have managed to stay thin cannot help those we love to reduce weight. The BMI is no longer valid. Health depends on an ideal waist-hip ratio, below 0.8. The answer is to lose belly fat, which is made of adipocytes, produced by cell differentiation from pre-adipocytes, which I know how to kill nutraceutically.

About our solution: I am a biochemistry professor aware of the new field of nutrient signaling. We now realize eating food is like ingesting hormones, e.g. eating unsat’d fats cause adipocytes to secrete fat to be burned. Eating 3 specific nutrients provides the signals that will cause a person to lose weight without any change in behavior. People already consume all 3 and they are safe. But they must be consumed in a large enough quantity at the right time to send effective signals. One substance sends 2 signals to the brain, reducing hunger and increasing metabolic rate to burn more calories. The second goes to your belly fat, signaling cells to hydrolyze fat and secrete it into the blood to be burned. The third tells your pre-adipocytes to undergo apoptotic suicide to prevent new belly fat. People who eat the right dosage of these 3 nutriceuticals will eat less and burn more, with no effort to change behavior. This is a diet plan that is based on science to end the obesity epidemic.

Progress to date:In 2008, in a peer-reviewed scientific journal, I published my 2 week clinical trial, and now need to fund a longer trial to reduce obesity in a way that does not require behavior change. For this IRB approved trial, young and older, males and females volunteered for my idea of doses and timing. There were no serious side effects. The double blind study worked. I started this pilot based on scientific mechanisms. Many people lost weight, esp. those younger and male. But I did not know the most effective dosages. The trial was too short. 300 volunteers for a longer study will be asked to contribute $100 (for the funding goal of $30K) for instructions how to participate, administrative and analytical costs, advisory updates, and answers to questions. All data will be kept confidential. As results accrue each week, people will receive adjustments in dosages so each weight, age, and gender can lose weight more effectively. And they will have helped end the obesity epidemic.

About Our Team

Creator: Roc Ordman

Education: Newly Retired Biochemistry Professor

Hospital Affiliation: previously various - UW Madison, Rush University, etc.

Title: Professor Emeritus

Advanced Degree(s): Ph.D.

About Our Company

Personal Health Corporation

Location: N6864 County Road N
Monticello, WI 53570

Founded: 2016


Other link:

Other link:

Product Stage: Idea

YTD Sales: Working on it

Employees: 1-2

How We Help Patients

While everyone knows what you should do to lose weight, and you have probably tried lots of diets and products that caused models to lose lots of weight quickly, you know that none of those methods actually work, and most result in rebound effects that cause you to gain weight.  Since the year 2000, nutritional scientists have discovered a new process, called nutrient signaling, through which the foods you eat signal your body like hormones, directing your body to change your attitudes and shape just like puberty did.  Since then, in the scientific discoveries published in real science journals, there are a set of supplements that you can take that will signal you to change your behavior and weight, without you making any deliberate change in your behavior.  As a biochemistry professor who has studied human nutrition and aging for over 30 years, I have been fortunate to read about that combination of nutraceuticals that will cause people to lose weight just by taking some supplements at the right times each day.  All you need to do is send me an email and I will send you information about how to participate in this study, where I will help you determine the best combination for your particular age, gender, and weight loss condition.  Enroll in the study and we will monitor and adjust the dosages so you can achieve your weight loss goals without making any conscious effort to change, except to take 3 nutracueticals at two specific times each day.  At last there is a scientifically proven way to lose weight without doing anything but taking some supplements each day.

How We Help Physicians

I spoke with my personal physician the day before I wrote this.  He bemoaned that his patients are unable to control their weight.  They are not interested in dieting or exercise, claiming they want to eat what they want, they are unable to change their behavior.  Here is a solution that does not require them to change their behavior.  All a patient needs to do is swallow a handful of supplements once first thing in the morning, and again an hour before dinner.  Two months after enough participants have provided their data for analysis, I will have a chart indicating prescriptions for each weight, age, gender, and weight loss goal.  Any physician who wants can inquire about the results for patients with their characteristics and direct them how to enroll in the study, offering real hope for weight loss and the tremendous health benefits that accompany weight loss.

How We Help Hospitals

Besides gastric bypass surgery, there is nothing that has been found to help obese people control their weight.  While many choose to believe that personal counseling is helpful for weight loss, peer-reviewed clinical trials have failed to show a long term benefit. And numerous studies have shown that traditional dieting leads to rebound effects resulting in weight gain. 


As our population ages, medical facilities are going to be overcrowded dealing with geriatric patients.  Now hospitals and doctors will be able to deal quickly and effectively with overweight patients providing a simple nutraceutical solution for weight loss, so facilities can be used for other challenging medical problems. 


Hopefully your hospital has a librarian who can access the 3 scientific articles (1-3) which the pilot study (4) was founded on justifying the expectation that the nutraceuticals in the pilot study will lead to weight loss, without behavior change. 

1. She P, Horn CV, Reid T, Hutson SM, Cooney RN, Lynch CJ  (2007) Obesity-related elevations in plasma leucine are associated with alterations in enzymes involved in branched-chain amino acid metabolism. Am J Physiol Endocrinol Metab 293:E1552–E1563

2. Hsu S, Huang C (2006) Reduced fat mass in rats fed a high oleic acid–rich safflower oil diet is associated with changes in expression of hepatic PPAR and adipose SREBP-1c–regulated genes. J Nutr 136:1779–1785

3. Kim H, Della-Fera M, Lin J, Baile CA (2006) Docosahexaenoic acid inhibits adipocyte differentiation and induces apoptosis in 3T3-L1 preadipocytes. J Nutr 136:2965–2969

4. Ordman, AB (2008) Pilot Study for an age and gender-based nutrient signaling system for weight control, AGE 30(2): 201-8

How We Help Partners

There are many opportunities for Partners in this project. 

MARKETING/ADVERTISING - The first partnership is for publicity and recruiting for the project.  I am willing to negotiate agreements with entities or people that can recruit additional participants.  There are 200 million people in the US who need to lose weight. I only require 300 to have enough people to begin the trial.  But beyond that, I have no doubt there are marketing and advertising people who could recruit many others.  Beyond the first 300 participants, for instance, the enrollment fee might be raised to $120, with a $20 comission for recruiting additional participants.

MANAGEMENT/DATA ENTRY - If enrollment reaches a thousand, there will be a need to hire additional helpers for data collection, etc. 

PRODUCT SALES - An organization could be chosen to acquire and/or produce and provide the three ingredients required for the study. If this study grows as large as expected, a company could make a great deal just providing all three supplements from a single source, even with a subscription service to refill supplements at scheduled times.

PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT - Presently, participants will be required to swallow a fistful of tablets, most conveniently 1 gram size.  Most people would much prefer a single product that could be eaten.  I conceive of a dark chocolate bar similar to an Almond Joy candy bar, which instead of coconut could contain a mixture of all of the nutraceuticals, that could eaten conveniently at once. There would be a different bar/formulation for different ages and genders and weight loss goals and sensitivities, resulting in a large product line. With a market potential of 200 million customers in the US, and billions worldwide, having the proper formulations certified by me will be worth a fortune, and you will be dramatically improving world health.

Innovation Details

Intellectual Property Summary

A sponsoring company for my pilot study clinical trial had a patent attorney file a patent, though my own patent attorney decided it was not likely to be patentable. The patent was filed on 1/11/2007 by Patricia McQueeney-49083, country code and number to filibng abroad is US60/879,995.  I have the filing document that can be sent as an attachment if requested.  I do not believe the patent has been awarded.

Patent Link

Clinical Information

There has been approval of a pilot study clinical trial showing effectiveness which has been published.  The protocol for the pilot study was approved by the Beloit College IRB, and I would be glad to provide the multiple page IRB proposal that was approved. The results of the pilot study were published in the Journal of the American Aging Association in 2008, Pilot study for an age- and gender-based nutrient signalling system for weight control, by Alfred B. Ordman.

I am retired from Beloit and hope that through my efforts here on MedStartr I will be able to connect with a crowd that cares about our solution. Ideally we will get support from an institution and will be able to access an IRB for this study, so the results can be published in a peer-reviewed journal. But with the previous IRB approval, that is not essential to begin this study.

Regulatory Status

No FDA approval is required,  as all substances are commercially available already.

How we will use the funds raised

The initial $30,000 will be compensation for me and a statistician to distribute instructions to individuals, enroll and blind the initial enrollment and data, collect initial data for the first 2 months for the first 300 volunteers, analyze the results as they are contributed, answer questions from volunteers and possible additional participants, and distribute further advice as incoming results are analyzed.

I expect that publicity about the study will explode, as it did for my USA Today headline in 1994.  Enrollment should skyrocket, with unlimited potential for people wishing to lose weight.  Although I expect the method may be shared by paid volunteers, modifications and newsletter announcements will be distributed frequently, more than compensating the $100 enrollment fee.  I hope MedStartR can figure a way to let more than 300 people join the study over more than 2 months.  As you can see, the potential is tremendous.

In addition, I expect a major manufacturer to be willing to work with me to develop commercial products that can be widely advertised.  This would include initially just a supplement package, including the required supplements in various sizes for comfortable swallowing.  Later, I expect a product can be developed, like a dark chocolate that will include all the necessary ingredients.

Thank You

Business professionals please see the bottom paragraph.

Everyone: The obesity epidemic affects everyone, as health care costs skyrocket for everyone to treat those unable to afford the expensive and painful consequences of obesity, such as diabetes and airplane seats.  There is so much deceptive advertising for diet plans and substances that have been proven in the scientific literature to be ineffective.  Finally in this study you have the chance to participate in a study based in scientific results, not some movie star’s imagination.  To lose weight, you do not have to change your behavior.  Nutrition researchers have shown that the food you eat signals your body how to change your weight.  Just as puberty caused major changes to your body, the 3 ingredients you will consume in this study will signal your body, to decrease your appetite, to prevent the creation of new fat cells, to empty your existing fat cells, and to increase the rate of your metabolism to burn more calories.  Help others to control their weight by showing the way in this study.

Business types: I am seeking collaborators to help manage and grow this enterprise.  In addition to finding a way to reduce obesity, there are many market possibilities, which require executive abilities.  If you are interested and have qualifications in manufacturing, sales, finance, or marketing, please email me to discuss the possibilities.



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