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Tuzag, Inc.

Founded: 2013
Population Health Engagement / Omni-channel Conversational AI
10-20 employees
Stage: In the Market
tuzag is a conversational AI concierge that fosters an infinitely tailored variety of ongoing resonant & relevant, one-on-one relationships and content driving exponentially more participation/behavior change, across all communication channels (web, print, IVR, text, chat, Smart, Speaker, Smart TV)
Projects Created
tuzag, Inc.
Health Comes Home
Index Score
For all of us desperately wanting to age in place, Jaime is our very personal digital companion, protector, and connector to family & providers, keeping us safer, healthier, happie...
Baldwinsville, NY, United States
$ 2,000,000 goal
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Company Contacts

3146 Timberlea Ln

Baldwinsville, NY

US 13027

Website URL:
Contact Us:
(206) 601-2812
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