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Thank you for your interest in using our platform to help get your company found and funded faster. You will also get pilots, partners, and a massive crowd behind your idea if you do it right. After over 421 campaigns and hundreds of successes, we know what it takes to do this. Our platform and our people will help you all along the way. Innovation is too important to fail and we are happy to report that companies that do well here are 22 times more likely to succeed. This is our primary mission, to help you do that.

Additionally, if you are doing well by our proprietary crowd metrics our investment fund may reach out to you with an offer that you will love If there is enough investor interest in your idea, we may even lead the next round.

So do your best and if you have questions, please do not hesitate to call 530.MED.STAR or email support@medstartr.com Good luck!

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