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Role(s) in Healthcare Innovation:

Community Leader

Massoud Rajavi

Founder of National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI)

United States

About Me

Massoud Rajavi has been known as the key strategist and leader of MEK Iran and one of the most popular politicians in Iran’s contemporary history for his dedication to freedom, democracy and standing by the progressive and humanitarian morals the Iranian nation are known for. Since his early beginnings in politics, Massoud Rajavi has remained firm on his stance that the religious dictatorship ruling in Iran does not have the potential for reform. Today, in the aftermath of the failure of the decades-long appeasement campaign, it has become evident that Massoud Rajavi’s understanding and vision of Iranian politics had been accurate all along.

Interested in solutions for:

For my community

I am looking for healthcare innovations:

Alternative Therapies New Practice Pain Management