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Project: Diabetes Monitor: Diabetes Monitor

by Walter Gugenberger

A digital health monitor with a direct, real-time link from patient to physician.
New Orleans, LA United States Diabetes BigData AI in Medicine The Diabetes challenge NOLAHI Challenge - See All

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About our project

The problem we solve: For many diabetes patients, it is a struggle to wait for an in-person doctor's appointment to share vital information about their changing health and to receive tailored treatment plans to managing their disease.

About our solution: The patient will receive a mobile phone app. From there, the phone serves as a direct link to his/her treating physician. Every time a patient measures sugar levels or uses insulin, it is entered in the app and then automatically transmitted to the doctor's web interface. While being transmitted, the amount of insulin and the time are analyzed. If something is not going as expected, an alert is sent to the physician (e.g. if the patient forgets and accidentally injects double the amount of insulin). The app is also smart enough to make suggestions to the patient (e.g. when the patient is taking a blood sample and enters the sugar level into the app, the software then can suggest to consume certain foods).In addition to the analysis of the patient's behavior, the software will also keep track of treatments, prescriptions and other medical history of the patient. That way, if a patient switches doctors, the records are always connected to the patient and not to the treatment facility.

Progress to date:

This project is only a blue print. No work has been done yet.

About Our Team

Creator: Walter Gugenberger

Location: Louisiana

Education: University of Innsbruck (Austria), University

Bio: Austria native Walter F. Gugenberger founded Flow Digital in 2017. Previously, he served as a software developer for an Austria-based logistics consulting company serving clients worldwide. He completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Innsbruck, and he earned his Master’s degree in computer science from Johannes Kepler University in Linz, Austria. Walter completed a year-long student exchange at the University of New Orleans, where he fell in love with the city. With a fluency in both English and German, Walter combines his software expertise with a passion for data science. He is committed to helping companies big and small grow their businesses through quicker, smarter decision-making. In a collaboration with the computer science department at the University of New Orleans, Walter will host America's first-ever Catalysts Coding Contest, Europe's largest computer programming competition. In his spare time, he enjoys traveling, exercising and cooking. He and his wife, Ellen, live in New Orleans.

Title: Founder, CEO

Advanced Degree(s): MSc

About Our Company

Florian Digital Solutions LLC

Location: 1529 Valmont Street
New Orleans, LA 70115

Founded: 2017


Twitter: @flowdigitalllc


Product Stage: Idea

YTD Sales: Less than $250,000

Employees: 1-2

How We Help Patients

This helps diabetes patients by granting them the possiblity of receiving better and more customized treatment. It also enables physicians to monitor their patients closely without significant inconvenience to the patients.

How We Help Physicians

Physicians will get better insights in their patients' behavior. Similar patients can be analyzed, and treatment plans can be developed for similar patients. This means that, within the bounds of privacy laws, knowledge can be shared among physicians. Because knowledge is power, additional data provides researchers with more opportunities to make meaningful innovations that enhances, improves, extends and saves the lives of diabetes patients.

How We Help Hospitals

Hospitals can treat more patients with less effort, fostering a higher cost efficiency. The analysis of patients and the optimization of treatment plans shared among a hospital network will be easier and cheaper. A hospital can grow a reputation of offering this solution as a cutting-edge facility taking a patient-centered approach in an increasingly "bespoke" and concierge health care culture.

How We Help Partners

Drug developers are able to gather insights from patients' behavior and can connect the dots between a patient's habits, the treatment plan and the outcome.

Challenge Mission

Market Size

Every diabetes patient who currently receives treatment, this equals roughly 110 million Americans with either diabetes or prediabetes. Source:

Projected 3 Year Growth

We intend to complete a testing period with a local hospital within the first year, and then roll out the application for production. Within one year, we intend a full roll-out within the Ochsner network. The possible market is about 30 million people within the U.S. for people who already struggle with diabetes and 80 million who are diagnosed with pre-diabetes. Within the first three years we aim at a market penetration of 10 percent, roughly 11 million people. Given we charge about $10 a person per month, this generates a revenue of $1.3 billion. Source:

How We Will Make Money

The application will generate revenue from license fees collected from health insurance and hospitals, currently aiming at $10 per diabetes patient monthly. Additionally, anonymized patient data may be sold to drug developers to develop better drugs.

About our Competition


Progress with Customers to date


New Orleans and Our Company

Austria native Walter F. Gugenberger founded Flow Digital in 2017. Previously, he served as a software developer for an Austria-based logistics consulting company serving clients worldwide. 

He completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Innsbruck, and he earned his Master’s degree in computer science from Johannes Kepler University in Linz, Austria. After an exchange year at the University of New Orleans, he fell in love with the city.

In his spare time, he enjoys traveling, exercising and cooking. He and his Louisiana native wife, Ellen, live in New Orleans.

Innovation Details

Intellectual Property Summary

The intellectual property is owned by Florian Digital Solutions LLC in New Orleans, LA

Clinical Information


Regulatory Status


How we will use the funds raised

Upon receipt of this gift, Flow Digital will finalize the development planning phase, as well as interview health care providers from the medical and insurance communities to discover what the greatest health care data needs are to nurture the successful delivery of care for patients managing diabetes. During this time, we will also survey diabetes patients to learn what monitoring and communication tools would be helpful in relaying their real-time medical statistics to their health care taem. Considering all of this feedback, Flow Digital will conclude the development of this application and begin a test phase to ensure functionality.

Thank You

This revolutionary technology will transform how the medical community approaches the treatment of diabetes. It will empower patients by connecting them directly with the providers responsible for their treatment and overall health progression. Through the real-time collection of data, providers will be able to better monitor the health status of their patients, adapt treatment programs to their changing needs and predict probable health outcomes through the consideration of different variables. As a New Orleans-based company, Flow Digital is committed to finding patient-centered health care solutions for our neighbors, as well as the medical community worldwide.



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Walter Gugenberger
Founder, CEO
University of Innsbruck (Austria), University

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