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Anti-Aging Breakthrough: The first Osmotin-rich anti-aging product in the world.

by Veronica Satchkova

A revolutionary product capable of stopping the progression of aging and related diseases in patients.
McMinnville, OR United States Biotech Equity Raise

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About our project

The problem we solve: Diabetes, obesity, cancer, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, heart disease, arthritis, depression, migraines -- these are just some of the conditions related to the process of aging, which has, in recent years, been identified by the scientific community as a disease of its own right. Key aging pathways have been discovered and are being targeted by researchers around the world, the most important one being the Adiponectin pathway. Adiponectin is a human hormone which has come to be known as the "Key Lifespan Regulator" for its essential role in regulating the processes of healthy aging. However, despite numerous attempts by major pharmaceutical companies to develop a synthetic Adiponectin drug, none have been successful to date.

About our solution: An important discovery was made nearly 30 years ago by a team of international scientists: it was found that Osmotin -- a plant protein present in all plants - is a homologue of human Adiponectin. This discovery has led to numerous studies by laboratories around the world to evaluate Osmotin's therapeutic potential. Animal studies have shown that Osmotin is capable of reversing degenerative disease processes, by acting through key pathways and improving mitochondria. However, Osmotin remained difficult to produce in large amounts, because it is only produced by plants under stress, as a function of self-defence. We have made a breakthrough in Osmotin production by creating Osmotin super-producing plants (Kiwis & Olives) and our product has shown a capability of stopping the progression of Parkinson's disease, cancer, arthritis, and multiple sclerosis; alleviating chronic pain and migraine; repairing sexual health, and having great benefit in spinal cord injury in volunteer patients.

Progress to date:

We have developed our first nutraceutical grade formulation based on our Osmotin super-producing kiwi and olive plants, and conducted over 2 years of market-testing, providing our product to various volunteer patients who have reported immediate positive effect with the first dose (usually 2-3 grams per day). We named our product FORZA (from Italian: "Force") to reflect the powerful envigorating sensation experienced by patients and healthy individuals alike. We are now fundraising to scale-up production with a goal of serving several hundred patients in the first year, and growing from there. 

About Our Team

Creator: Veronica Satchkova

Location: California

Bio: A biotech entrepreneur with over a decade long experience of working in the field, alongside the world's top minds. I joined Dr. Bruno Ruggiero, Ph.D. As a co-founder and President of 9th Dimension Biotech, Inc. to commercialize our age-reversing Osmotin® rich, university-certified products for the treatment of aging as a disease as well as all aging-related diseases: diabetes, obesity, cancer, arthritis, Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis and more. Essential in the company's organization, archives, and communications, I speak fluent English, Russian, Italian, and Bulgarian and am involved in every aspect of the company growth and development. Visit for more info.

Title: President

About Team Members

Bruno Ruggiero
CEO, Ph.D.
Biography: • US Einstein Visa Recipient • Discovered NCED-3 - the key enzyme for plant stress tolerance. • In 2004, donated $904,000USD to Purdue University (USA) for research on the Osmotin plant protein and its applications in human health and agriculture. • Developed novel species of bioengineered strawberries, mint, kiwi, olive trees and other plants of agricultural interest. • Founded 9th Dimension Biotech, Inc. in 2013 to commercialize age-reversing bioengineered Osmotin kiwi and olive plants. Dr. Bruno Ruggiero, Ph.D., in plant physiology, is a biotech pioneer with over two decades of national and international scientific and industrial contributions. A trained plant geneticist, the discoverer of the NCED-3 plant gene, and a leading expert in the field of cellular life and death cycles, Dr. Ruggiero's scientific discoveries are now part of core university curricula. Dr. Ruggiero founded US-based 9th Dimension Biotech, Inc. (9D Biotech) in 2013 to further his mission of creating a breakthrough path for the commercialization of the world's most advanced, scientifically tested, university certified discoveries in the fields of agriculture and human health. 9D Biotech has now launched the commercialization of the world's first age-reversing superfood based on our proprietary bioengineered kiwi and olive plants overexpressing the Osmotin plant protein to reverse ageing and ageing-related diseases.
Title: CEO
Advanced Degree(s): Ph.D.
Twitter: @biotechgod

About Our Company

9th Dimension Biotech, Inc.

Location: 1271 NE HWY 99W
Suite #128
McMinnville, OR 97128

Founded: 2013


Twitter: @9DBiotech

Other link:

Product Stage: Ready

Employees: 3-5

How We Help Patients

We believe that our product Forza is greatly superior to the current options available to patients sufferring from various aging and related diseases, as well as being a superior energy-boosting nutraceutical product for the generally healthy population. Our market-tests with real people (as opposed to animal models) backed by decades of R&D, have confirmed its efficacy, and we wish to offer other people the opportunity to contribute to our vision directly and support us as we work toward offering a new alternative for the extension of human healthspan and lifespan. 

How We Help Physicians

Our innovative GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) product is not required to go through the lengthy and extremely costly pharmaceutical approval, while providing results not seen with any other current product, pharmaceutical or otherwise. We offer medical professionals an amazing opportunity to improve their patients' well-being with a non-toxic formulation, which targets inflammation and multiplies mitochondria numbers. As a plant homologue of Andiponectin, Osmotin and our Osmotin-rich formulation are the ideal candidates for a large-scale clinical trial, which we would like to perform in partnership with medical professionals.

How We Help Hospitals

Aging-related diseases represent an enormous burden on global health systems. Our product goes to the root of the problem and is capable of stopping degenerative processes as well as function as a preventative approach. By fundraising here, we hope to increase production of our Forza product and offer collaborations with hospitals and medical institutions around the world to supply it to patients in need. 

How We Help Partners

The innovative nature of our osmotin-overexpressing plants represents a point of great scientific interest and research potential, and so do all of their
derivates, including the purified Osmotin protein, which is currently in limited supply at extremely high costs ($1400/miligram) and, therefore, currently
only available for research purposes through limited industry channels. One gram of our lyophilised kiwi leaf cells bioencapsulate approximately 20mg
of pure osmotin, that can be extracted at our CGMP facilities. 

Beauty and anti-ageing clinics, nursing homes, and veterinary clinics represent a valuable potential source of early-stage revenue, and will allow 9D Biotech to grow its market share further, while collecting data from patients through research partnerships with such institutions, expanding our patent portfolio along the way.

Our goal with the approach to hospitals and medical institutions is to implement our product into patient treatment regimes as a dietary supplement to boost the health and the metabolism of patients, thus serving as a coadjuvant or as a substitute for available treatments, or as a palliative care option to terminal patients. We believe that our product will render a great service to patients, while simultaneously helping decrease healthcare costs across the board.

The beauty industry is naturally attracted to anti-aging and age-reversing products, as its main goal is to keep their clientele looking youthful and beautiful. The opportunity to develop skin cremes, serums, and injectables containing our plants’ derivates will allow us to approach the cosmetic manufacturers to supply of new lines of rejuvenating skin treatments containing our proprietary products.

Kiwifruit vines and olive trees are among the major agricultural crops produced and commercialized worldwide, being available in practically any city, any market, any shop, and any supermarket. Therefore, with their enhanced agricultural and nutrition values our kiwi and olive super-plants are bound to reign in the food and nutraceutical markets. Luxurious Osmotin-rich olive oil and kiwifruits will enter our pipeline in 5-10 years after field plantation is established.

"Functional foods are healthy foods that provide benefits beyond basic nutrition. These foods contain naturally enhancing health substances. This feature helps to minimize any health problems and prevent from certain chronic diseases. Functional foods also lower cholesterol level and promote wellness. The word “nutraceutical” is combination of two word “nutrients” and “pharmaceuticals”. Thus, nutraceutical are normal nourishing food sources with medical benefits. The chemical constitution of these products are focused on prevention of diseases and are concentrated in form of liquid, capsule, powder or and other medicine.
The Global Functional Food and Nutraceuticals Market have been classified By Types, Benefits, Origin, Ingredient and Consumers. Food, Beverages and Supplements are classifications for types of Functional Food and Nutraceuticals. On basis of Benefits of this market, it has been divided into Health and Wellness, Disease Prevention, Fitness, Beauty and other advantages. By Origin of Functional Food and Nutraceuticals, it is grouped as Animal and Plant Origins. The main ingredients of these products are Anti-Oxidants, Carotenoids, Fatty Acids, Minerals and other Vitamins. The end-user customers are categorized as Adults, Elders and Children. The major factors that are fueling the market are rapid growth in food science and technology, individual’s interest in wellness through diet planning, increase in healthcare costs and increase in ageing population. The entire market has also been segmented based on regions: Americas, Europe, Asia-Pacific (APAC) and RoW. Americas is leading in Functional Food and Nutraceuticals Market followed by Europe and APAC. These regions are also leading consumers of the market to eradicate the rising health issues. APAC is expanding in the market owing to the packaged food industry and emerging growth opportunities in food industry."
Source: IndustryArc

Once extracted and purified at our facilities, 9D Biotech's purified Osmotin protein can be formulated for pharmaceutical applications and marketed to major pharmaceutical companies and/or hospitals thus opening new horizons for results and applications.

Non-profit and patient support groups will also be contacted to provide them with the opportunity to provide their members with our anti-aging Forza product, and we believe that these groups might represent a great source of funding and revenue streams for 9D Biotech, while addressing the very important moral issue of allowing access to our product to the ones who need it most and cannot afford it. Potential groups and organisations may include:
• Multiple Sclerosis International Federation
• American Diabetes Association
• American Cancer Society

Innovation Details

Intellectual Property Summary

We have filed a patent application on Osmotin as an age-reversing and anti-aging protein. 

Clinical Information

There have been many independent studies confirming Osmotin's therapeutic potential in various cellular and animal models.
Novel phytopeptide osmotin mimics preventive effects of adiponectin on vascular inflammation and atherosclerosis.

The Adiponectin Homolog Osmotin Enhances Neurite Outgrowth and Synaptic Complexity via AdipoR1/NgR1 Signaling in Alzheimer's Disease.

Osmotin-loaded magnetic nanoparticles with electromagnetic guidance for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease. 

Osmotin attenuates amyloid beta- induced memory impairment, tau phosphorylation and neurodegeneration in the mouse  hippocampus

Novel osmotin inhibits SREBP2 via the AdipoR1/AMPK/SIRT1 pathway to improve Alzheimer’s disease neuropathological deficits

Neuroprotective effect of osmotin against ethanol-induced apoptotic neurodegeneration in the developing rat brain

Novel osmotin attenuates glutamate-induced synaptic dysfunction and neurodegeneration via the JNK/PI3K/Akt pathway in postnatal rat brain  

Adiponectin and Plant-Derived Mammalian Adiponectin Homolog Exert a Protective Effect in Murine Colitis  

Our formulation contains Osmotin bioencapsulated in plant cells - an FDA/USDA recommended method of protein drug delivery. Our product is classified as a nutraceutical and can enter the market immediately. We have been approached by a a number of spinal cord injury patients who are interested in trying our product and participating in a trial, and we are fundraising to increase our production to supply them and other patients/customers. 

Regulatory Status

Osmotin has been approved as a type of sweetener both in Europe and the US. It is non-toixc and is present in all plants. Our Osmotin super-producing Kiwi and Olive plants are classified as GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) and, therefore, FORZA -- our formulation based on these plants -- can be commercialized as a nutraceutical. 

How we will use the funds raised

Our team has been participating first-hand as well as sponsoring Osmotin R&D for over 2 decades, including a $904,000 grant to Purdue Univeristy (Indiana, USA) for research on Osmotin's health benefits. In 9D Biotech, we have been funding the completion of the R&D on our kiwi and olive plants at our University partner's facilities, we have expanded production, secured exclusive global commervial rights, and charted a path-to-market. 
With the funds collected through MedStartr we hope to increase our production, continue supporting university research, and launch global sales. 

Thank You

We have been working tirelessly to bring this project to realization. There has been very little support from outside players, likely due to the disruptive, revolutionary nature of our product. We hope that crowdfunding will allow people to contribute directly to the realization of this project and support us, as we work to improve people's lives everywhere in a natural and non-toxic way. 
Thank you for your support!

-- The Team

Investor Info

Market Size


The new scientific understanding and recognition of ageing itself as a disease has redefined ageing-related diseases such as cancer, diabetes, obesity, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and Multiple Sclerosis as mere symptoms of the real disease — ageing —triggering a multibillion dollar international quest and race to find the real cause of and cure for ageing. For the first time in history, we have an opportunity to stop the cause of ageing, thus stopping and reversing ageing itself and all ageing-related diseases along with it — from wrinkles to cancer — with one single product. The advanced state of development of our market-ready Osmotin-rich age-reversing product has propelled 9D Biotech to the frontlines of this race, and has positioned the company as a formidable player ahead of giants like Google’s Calico, who are still at the R&D phase and do not foresee a product in the near future for a market which is continous expansion and is set to reach $216 Billion USD globally in 2021


According to the Global Wellness Institute, a non-profit organisation with a mission to empower wellness worldwide by educating public and private sectors about preventative health and wellness, the Global Wellness market reached a staggering $3.7 Trillion USD in 2015, and key sectors include:

  • Beauty & Anti-Aging ($999 bil.)
  • Healthy Eating, Nutrition & Weight Loss ($648 bil.)
  • Wellness Tourism ($563 bil.)
  • Fitness & Mind-Body ($542 bil.)
  • Preventative & Personalized Medicine and Public Health ($534 bil.)
  • Complementary & Alternative Medicine ($199 bil.)
  • Spa Industry ($99 bil.)
  • Workplace Wellness ($43 bil.)
    and more. 

Projected 3 Year Growth

Looking forward, our objective for the next year is to set up a production site in California, USA which will allow us to increase our production capacity to minimum 5kg (10 lbs) of FORZA product each month, allowing us to supply 100 people per month. We estimate that this phase of scaling up will require approximately $1M USD in funding, which will be used toward the rental of greenhouse facilities, the setting up of hydroponic cultivation of our Osmotin super-plants at such facilities, and the establishment of a PR campaign. We will also secure distribution lines for both the local and global markets, through contracts with major mailing and shipment companies delivering our product from our CGMP laboratories straight to the consumer. The initial goal of producing 5 kg of product per month through the year 2020 is a tangible objective, which will advance the company in several directions simultaneously, providing us with a consumer product driven revenue flow as early as in year 3, increasing 9D Biotech’s valuation several-fold, and guaranteeing a high Return of Investment (ROI) to Company shareholders.

Revenue Model

Over the last decade, the global food market has evolved and branched out to include a variety of health-enhancing nutraceutical and functional food products to satisfy consumer demand for healthspan and lifespan extending beverages, foods, and supplements. IndustryArc - a leading provider of market research reports, custom consulting services, data analytics, and industry analysis - provides a in-depth analysis of the Nutraceutical and Functional Food Markets as well as a Market Forecast for the years 2017-2022. Major market players include:

  • Coca Cola Co. (U.S.)
  • Danone (France)
  • Unilever N.V. (U.K.)
  • Nestle S.A (Switzerland)
  • Pepsi Co (U.S.)
    and more.

Additionally, 9D Biotech's Osmotin patent-pending product pipeline for the treatment of ageing-related diseases will tap into a number of human-health therapy areas under the emerging understanding of ageing as the real disease, which manifests itself through the appearance of familiar ageing signs such as skin and hair complexion alterations, musculoskeletal weakening, as well as the onset of diseases ranging from cancer, obesity, and diabetes, to cardiovascular, gastro-intestinal, neurodegenerative, and auto-immune conditions. Therefore, while we focus on our primary addressable target market — the growing anti-aging industry — the applications of our Osmotin anti-aging products are expected to be vast and embrace a variety of other submarkets accordingly.


Our ability to mass-produce the Osmotin protein - the only protein capable of activating the Adipor1/Sirt1 human receptors - is our unique innovative advantage over the competition in the growing Anti-Aging market, which includes products such as Resveratrol, Rapamycin, and Metformin - neither of which is capable of activating these key receptors of human lifespan.



“My experience with the Osmotin Powder was fantastic! I asked to try Osmotin because I was afflicted by migraines and fatigue. I tried everything without positive results.   After 10 minutes from drinking Osmotin powder, my migraine disappeared, and I found myself happy and full of energy, so much so that I was planning to go out of the house. The effect lasted for all the days that I tried Osmotin and gradually disappeared when I stopped. In my experience, the product is fantastic, and I advise everybody to try it!”

"I have had the opportunity to experience a variety of dosing regimens for the kiwi powder. With every dosing regimen I experienced symptomology relief. My spascticity decresead with increased doses of the kiwi leaf powder. Qualitatively, I experienced a decresead need for my walker or cane when walking on flat land. This varies directly with the dosing regimen. There is also a noticeable difference in the quality of numbness and tingling but I feel in my hands especially. Without the kiwi powder I have considerable numbness and tingling in my hands. With the kiwi powder I have considerable numbness and tingling in my hands. With the kiwi powder I have a mark change in the sensation. I have experienced no negative side effects."

“Upon ingesting Forza I felt and immediate sense of well-being and enhanced enjoyment of life. I also felt invigorated. My opinion is that this immediate response may have been due to improvements/changes in my glucose metabolism induced by Forza. It also may reflect neuroprotection—the gold standard of a potentially useful drug in Parkinson’s disease. Since beginning Forza my neurodegenerative disease may have stablized. It is not clear to me what the future will bring. However, it is very clear to me that I will continue to take Forza.”

"The Osmotin removed the excess sugar in my body or allowed my insulin to reduce my sugar...  hence no pain in my legs."

"Third day in progress, no pain so far!"

"Osmotin gave my body so much energy."

"I became a love machine!"

"I feel so amazing, I am full of energy, and I sleep well."

"Love you and Osmotin!"

“So pleased, so impmressed, so happy"

"Thank you for this Osmotin!"

Due Diligence Docs

Please note that access to the company's confidential materials is limited. Click this button to request access from the Company and its representatives.



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