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Coronavix: Coronavix - a biotherapeutic

by Lauren Brom

A vaccine cannot be given to the very immune compromised who are most at risk of Corona. But this biotherapeutic may be safe to take.
New York, NY United States Alternative Therapies Biotech COVID-19 WarOnCOVID challenge

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About our project

The problem we solve: Currently the world, economies, healthcare systems, even governments are plunging further down all due to a little tiny virus. The race is one to come up with a vaccine. However, even vaccines that have been safely used for decades, are still not safe enough to give to the immunocompromised people. And the immunocompromised people are the very people most at risk of getting Covid. Therefore another solution is needed to help save the world.

About our solution: If you want to solve a problem it usually requires open minds and a slightly different approach. I have that. I have a biotherapeutic that can be used to help build immunity and stop the ravages and destruction worldwide from this disease. It is safe enough to give to the immunocompromised. I am a geneticist and biochemist and am well suited for this task at hand.

Progress to date:

I have a prototype available already. However, to make ''claims" on a product it needs to go through clinical trials. And that is expensive. I need your help to help bring this to the world. 

About Our Team

Creator: Lauren Brom

Location: New York

Bio: Hi, I am a geneticist, biochemist, artistic designer, UX, and MBA grad. My passion is to combine these disciplines to innovate and develop new solutions especially in the biotech and health care fields to help humanity.

Title: Geneticist

Advanced Degree(s): BSc Hons, MA, MBA

About Our Company


Location: 155 East 55 Street
New York, NY 10022

Founded: 2020

Product Stage: Prototype/MVP

Employees: 1-2

How We Help Patients

This is targeted most to the patients, to the desperate, to the immunocompromised. To those people sitting at home stressed and worried, or sick and worried already. It is those very people that this is targeted at helping. Who want a safe solution to take without risk of major side-effects. Who want a prophylaxis or a safe therapeutic to help them. It is them who will try and adopt this first and from them this will spread until the other healthcare stakeholders cannot ignore this any longer.

How We Help Physicians

Nurses, and physicians, those on the frontlines, want most of all to give their patients something safe and effective. They know that "unexpected adverse drug reactions" are responsible for the third highest amount of deaths in America, and are a significant cause for concern, according to the FDA ( Aside, from side-effects of liver and kidney damage, other drug metabolites can result in long term harmful effects. There is a National Vaccine Injury Compensation program set up to help compensate those injured from vaccines. These are long-standing vaccines that have been tested, not rushed due to Covid. So you can imagine the possible dangers of vaccines, that have been tested, but very quickly and hastily in order to get them out. Many long standing vaccines cannot be given to the very immune compromised, so what will happen when a new vaccine is brought out that is not even tested as thoroughly. Will the most immune compromised who are most at risk of infection be good candidates to take this vaccine. Highly unlikely and they and you are risking law suits and complications and death in patients. Safety first, first do no harm. Try something safe, especially for the most immune compromised. Try something that can be ready quickly not in 18 months when the peak of the infections may have been reached anyway.

How We Help Hospitals

Healthcare systems, hospitals and medical institutions are breaking under the burden of Covid. The healthcare workers are putting themselves at risk. I can help offer a prophylaxis - once it has gone through the clinical trials and be verified to be effective in that regard. They can try something to help themselves, and also give to their patients and hopefully remove some of the burden of this virus and its transmission. In fact hospitals would be perfect for a pilot and trial for this biotherapeutic. Doctors, nurses, pharmacists can give it and monitor and see for themselves how it helps patients.

How We Help Partners

For partners and medical providers, this is an IMMEDIATE, safe and implementable program to pilot, and see what the Real World Results demonstrate. If this can help save lives, healthcare system burdens, safely and cost effectively then this is a perfect solution. However, big Pharma might regard it as competition and especially considering the millions and billions that have been invested into vaccine development at the moment. However, there is still a place for vaccines. But mine is especially targeted to those that the vaccine would be contra-indicated for.

Challenge Mission

COVID Problem We Address

The very immune compromised are the ones most at risk of complications or death from Covid-19. 

Even if a vaccine were not 18 months away, even if it were not rushed through clinical trials, even if it were available right now, it might still be contra-indicated for the very immune compromised who need a solution most, and they need it now.

I can help you in this regard, by offering a safe biotherapeutic, especially for the most vulnerable and immune compromised in society. Those for whom drugs or vaccines with "unexpected or adverse reactions" are contra-indicated. 


Have an open mind, and try something you can give your patients safely right now, to help them, yourself and the world. 


Stakeholders, are patients, hospitals, providers, insurers, caregivers, frontline exposed workers, and healthcare systems and governments. 


Our COVID Solution

This is a biotherapeutic developed by a geneticist and biochemst, using alternative means of production, whilst taking into account patient pharmacogenomics in order to offer a solution for the most immune compromised individuals who need something safe with little risk of side effects and dangerous complicaitons. 

I need your help for a pilot to prove that this can indeed work and help. 

Innovation Details

Intellectual Property Summary

I could patent my idea, but I think even better is to keep it a trade secret as does coke. Therefore it is currently a trade secret. 

Clinical Information

I need the "crowd", actually YOU, to help bring this to the world. There efficacy studies on the monographs of the ingredients used. However, they have not been put together as I am now. Utilizing their safety, together with their synergistic affects to bring together a biotherapeutic that is safe to give to the immunecompromized to help stop the devastation brought about by Covid-19. In order to maintain 'trade secret'  I do not want to give away too much here. (But if accepted more can be discussed.) 

In order for me to make "claims" as to 'curing covid', this biotherapeutic would first need to go through reguatory clinical trials. For that I need your help and support and know-how to accelerate this to help as many people as quickly as possible. Also if there are immunocompromised individuals who are desperate for help, have nothing else, and - under your doctors auspices - would like to sign up to try this medication, we can then work together to help you with this therapeutic.

Regulatory Status

In order to make "claims" on this biotherapeutic, the next step is for it to go through clnical trials. Because of the nature of this biotherapeutic being very safe, the stringency measures may not be as severe as if it were for a more toxic or potentially dangerous medication. With the FDA accelerating clinical trials for Covid this should be able to be passed quickly. But this still requires funds. Therefore I need your help with funding, and any immunocompromized people, who are not good candidates for a drug with potentially severe side-effects, or side-effects from a new vaccine, then please feel free to come forward as volunteers. 

How we will use the funds raised

The money will be used for the clinical trial management. Once it has gone through that, then "claims" can be made in marketing of the very scalable and safe product. 

Thank You

A vaccine - even if it were not 18 months away from being avaialble - maybe, cannot be given to the veyr immunocompromised. Even vaccines that have been on the market for decades cannot be given to such people. Precisely because they are immunocompromised. Yet the immunocompromised are the ones that are grately and gravely at risk from the effects of Coronavirus. For the very immunocompromised individuals in society, a vaccine, which is new on the market, (and some of which have not even been tested on animals before being accelerated to being tested quickly on humans) are not suitable. There can be unexpected or severe side-effects. Yet it is the most immunocompromised that are most at risk of the virus. And they are part of the reason that economies, tourism and global productions have had to stop. In order to protect the most weak in society. Since they are the ones that cannot immunologically tolerate vaccines, this means that they need another solution. NOW. A solution that is safe, tested and they can use to boost their immune systems. I am a geneticist and biochemist and want to help in this regard. By utilizing a biotherapeutic that can be safely given to the most immunocompromised. In this way we help everyone in society, and help save lives and livelihoods. 



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