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Medical Care in Boarding Homes: High Quality Medical Care in Many Boarding Homes

by Sonya Goodrich

I bring Health Care to many Boarding Home Residents in their Boarding Home. Many of these patients do not want to leave their homes for health care, because of their mental disabilities, they are eldery or they cannot handle the entire health care process.
Irvington , NJ United States Community Art in Healthcare

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About our project

The problem we solve: Inadequate Health Care for Boarding Home Residents.

About our solution: We are providing Quality Primary Health Care in Boarding Homes. We make it easier for the residents to have access to health care. We come to the boarding home and provide health care were the residents live, treating HTN, DM, Asthma and other illness. We refer the residents when needed to other Specialist and make this process as smooth as possible with contacting the office as well as the MD regarding appointments and safe transportation. Also, I have been working with some Physicians that will be coming to the facilties as well to provide care for the residents, exp. Podiatrist, Ophthalmologist.

Progress to date:Presently we are caring for residents at 7 Boarding Homes, managing many medical complications. The Residents, Families, Owners, Directors, Physicians, Pharmacist and others are please with our services. I also work with the Community Out Reach Rep. at the hospital that I am on staff. I am also in the process of woking with other Boarding Homes.

About Our Team

Creator: Sonya Goodrich

Location: New Jersey

Education: Bloomfield College, Bloomfield,N.J., Universi

Bio: I have been an Adult Nurse Practition for the past 18 years. I have worked in several hospitals in the inner city, clinics, Primary Care offices and now I own my own Primary Care Offices. I also provide Primary Care in many Boarding Homes where there is still limited access to adequate health care. I am presently on Medical Staff at 1 hospital. I have a Collaborating Physician that I work very closely with, along with a Medical Assistant and a Phlebotomist.

Hospital Affiliation: East Orange General Hospital, Comprehensive Medical Center LLC

Title: Adult Nurse Practitioner

Advanced Degree(s): MSN, ANP, BC

About Our Company

Comprehensive Medical Center LLC

Location: 1200 Clinton Ave.
Irvington , NJ 07111

Founded: 2014

Product Stage: In the Market

YTD Sales: Working on it

Employees: 3-5

How We Help Patients

High Quality Health Care In Boarding Homes help patients in so many ways! We are assessing the patients right in the boarding home. We try to make this service is very comfortable for the patients, because most of them have mental illnesses or they are elderly. My Collaborating Physician is always available when he is needed for all of the patients.  I have come to see these are patients that may have fell through the cracks or sometimes have been forgotten in regards to medical care. We are diagnosing and treating diseases early. Managing all medical illness like High Blood Pressure, Asthma, Diabetes, COPD, Arthritis ect. I have found elevated PSA levels, Hepatis C, Enlarged Thyroids, Kidney Disease (these patients didn't even know they had these problems). I referred these patients to the appropriate Specialist and they are now recieving needed care. We make sure the appointments are made and they have transportation. I also make sure they are seeing their Psychiatrist if needed. I work very closely with the patient's pharmacy to make sure they have all of their medications. These are just some of the ways that we helping patients live longer and healthier. Patients know they can depend on my team and I for their Health Care needs.

How We Help Physicians

High Quality Health Care in Boarding Homes helps Physicians and other Health Care Providers in many ways. As an example, when I am working with my Diabetic patients, I refer them to the Podiatrist. I have a podiatrist that has agreed to come to the boarding homes to make it easy for the patients. I also refer them to the Ophthmologist. I am also working with one that has agreed to come to some of the homes. We are diagnosing and treating diseases early. If the patients need other referrals I do refer them to where they need. We make sure the appointment is set up and that they have transportation. Another problem that this service solves for Physicians is that these patients are being cared for properly by qualitied professionals. These are patients that they do not have to worry about in regards to their health care, like laps in services, not receiving medications, or even being referred when it maybe too late.

How We Help Hospitals

High Quality Health Care in Boarding Homes hepls hospitals in so many ways. With having this service in the community the local hospital does not have to worry about these patients using the Emergency Room for Primary Care. Patients will be assessed regularly and they will have their medications and or have what ever treatment they need.

This service helps to keep length of stay in the hospitals low. If a patients needs to be admitted they would be diagnosed and treated early which ultimately impacts length of stay. This is extremlly important in all hospitals. This service decreases work for the Social Worker, Nurse and the Case Managers because they will know the patient has a home to return to after discharge and they have a Primary Health Care Provider for follow up care. This is all very important for continuity of care for these patients. When a patient is discharged from the hospital they need to follow up with their Health Care Provider within a week or two weeks. The average patient does follow up as expected. These patients usualy do not, because of their diabilities, they cannot get to the office, they do not understand it's importance or they just cannot handle our health care process. This promotes a cycle of unhealth patients, which fall through the cracks and when we see them again in the hospital these are some of the patients that increases the length of stay. My program will solve this problem.

How We Help Partners

Having High Quality Health Care in Boarding Homes will benefit partners.

Pharmaceutical Companies-  In each Boarding Home I work closely with the pharmacist about the patients' medications. I review their medications often, because elderly patients maybe taking medications that they do not need. This can cause major complications. I make sure the patients have enough medication to last them, which prevents exp: elevated Blood pressurs, uncontrolled Diabetes, exacerbation of Asthma. I have worked with the Pharmastist to dispence the medication in a form that is easy for the person giving the patient the medications. This service has worked out very well for the patient and care giver. These patients recieve the flu vaccine and PPDs if needed. When one patient in a Boarding Home gets a Common Cold, many others do to also and they want help. A partnership with a Pharmaceutical Company would be extremily helpful, because most of the Boarding Home Residents are on medications.

Innovation Details

Intellectual Property Summary

My Intellectual Property, High Quality Health Care in Boarding Homes does not need a patent, trademark or copyright. This project can help many communities. Other Nurse Practitions and or Physicians can duplicate this project in boarding homes in thier towns to improve the Quality of Health Care for Patients.

Clinical Information

I plan on conducting a research study on High Quality Health Care in Boarding Homes after I am affiliated with more Boarding Homes. I have not sited any studies as of yet. With this program these patients are healther. They are not accessing the ER for Primary Care. They are followed up regularly. Their length of stay in the hospital are lower. Ultamately this program decreases Health Care Cost.

This program does not need FDA approvals.

Regulatory Status

This project does not require FDA approval.

How we will use the funds raised

I will be using the funding for debt, hiring new staff and buying equipment.

Thank You

High Quality Health Care in Boarding Homes brings health care to the patients in their homes. This service make it so convenient for these patients. In these facitlies the patients have mental illnesses or they are elderly. Also, the problem that many communities face is a lack of access to high quality health care. This leads to lack of care or no care for these particular people at all. I am very aware of these issues and are here to provide the solution. With my experience as an Adult Nurse Practitioner working and living in the urban community, I knows all too well of their needs. Comprehensive Medical Center wants to raise the bar and expand this service to other boarding homes/other communities. High Quality Health Care in Boarding Homes helps these patients live healthier lives, prevents using the ER for Primary Care, diagnosing diseases and treating them early and decreasing length of stay in hospitals, which ultimatly decreases health care cost.


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