Prevvy: Connected Health ecosystem

by Jose Maria Olmo Millan

Digital Therapies Distribution Platform
Sunnyvale, CA United States Connected Health Patient and Provider Tools Interoperability

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About our project

The problem we solve: 1.- Improving the way Healthcare Consumers and their families manage their own health and wellness beyond the clinic. With Prevvy they are able to: - Gather and manage their health information and Therapies' adherence from different sources and providers. - Share their PHI with new providers and family - Receive and follow care and wellness plans from different professionals and physicians. - Improve their relationship and communication with family and providers. 2.- Make possible for Healthcare stakeholders share and manage digitally created care plans or Digital Therapies with patients, families and care teams, improve workflows, reduce costs and optimize time. Using Prevvy the physicians can, with a minimum burden. - Creating, publishing and distribution of digital therapies - Personalize and assign care plans - Manage and participate in the Patient’s care plan execution - Dynamic changes to Digital Therapy for a patient based on their adherence, and predictive algorithms.

About our solution: > Prevvy is a Connected Health Ecosystem where patients, families and healthcare stakeholders interact remotely between each other in order to get better outcomes and a modern Consumer Experience. Prevvy is a Digital Therapies distribution platform, which offers providers support through a new patient-physician interaction model, based on Actionable Shared Care and wellness plans for patients, that optimizes physician workflows, reducing costs and minimizing physician time with a minimum burden. Our Connected Health ecosystem vision was awarded by HHS in the ONC Consumer Health Aggregator Challenge > With Prevvy Family Health Assistants apps, families manage their own health and relationship with providers, with access to their aggregated health records, care plans, adherence, capturing vital signs and assessments about their health, and remote communication with care team & family. > PHI Sharing. Prevvy aggregates Health Records from different providers (MU2/SMART-FHIR EMRs or HIEs

Progress to date:

Product: We have a Beta product which we are working in new releases with new subscription services for healthcare providers.

Customers: We have a paid pilot with 3 customer doctors with 800 patients offering Chronic Care Management services with the platform. This quarter we are adding Medicare Remote monitoring services and Telehealth. We charge $35 setup fee per patient and $6-8 per patient/service per month.

Investment: We have raised for different sources $520,000 which we have applied to the development of the product.

Partners: We are part of Early Acces program to Google Healthcare API, migrating our on-premise to Google FHIR and machine learning platform.


HHS ONC award Consumer Health Aggregator

Accelerators programs:

HIMSS Healthbox Studio Program

About Our Team

Creator: Jose Maria Olmo Millan

Location: California

Education: Technical University of Madrid

Bio: Founder and CEO IT companies in Europe, US and LATAM in the last 20 years. MSc Computer Science, R&D of more 15 EU granted projects in Healthcare, AAL, Remote monitoring, ...

Title: Founder and CEO

Advanced Degree(s): MSc Computer Science

About Our Company

Healthcentrix Inc (dba

Location: 1250 Borregas Avenue
Sunnyvale, CA 94089

Founded: 2016


Product Stage: Ready

Employees: 3-5

How We Help Patients

With the  Prevvy Family Health Assistants suite, a patient/ caregiver will be able to ...
• Access your Personal Health Information and care plans 24/7 from web and mobile

• Syncing your Health records with any provider with a SMART-FHIR EMR  

• Any provider with an MU2 EMR  could send your health records, labs, X-Ray, .. to your Prevvy Direct Address PHR
• Share your Personal Health Information to the care team and your family members
• Manage the Careplans your Physician automated assigned to you
• Receive notifications and reminders of the activities included in your Careplan: medications, fitness, monitoring, diets, health contents, communications, assessments, appointments
• Communicate with your Care team through Prevvy Messenger, an Instant Messenger, and Videoconference tool
• Track you Vital Signs, and your Daily Health & Wellness Activities
• Improve your Health Education consulting the healthcare contents we have for you

How We Help Physicians

  1. Increasing revenues in services beyond the clinic such as different Chronic Care services (CCM, CCM complex, CoCM, Remote monitoring and telehealth services, initially for Medicare patients and some commercial insurances.
  2. Engage Patients with personalized care plans and activity reminders to patients.
  3. Remote monitoring with Patient Generated data: tracking care plan execution, adherence, and patient lifestyle
  4. Sharing Health Records with patients, families, ALFs, and care team. The patient is able to share PHI in an emergency situation, with new providers or traveling situations
  5. Care coordination with different providers part of care team.


How We Help Hospitals

In situations of clinical emergency, paramedics, urgency staff have to act on patients most of the time blindly without clinical information and health information of the last days of the person. In a world where people constantly travel outside their state, country, this information can be critical to saving their lives and that of their families in emergency situations. Something as simple as sending a text message from your Global Emergency App to 911 (txt_to_911) or 112 (txt_to_112) in Europe with access to your health information during that emergency, would allow any emergency service 911 or 112 could temporarily give access to your health information to the ambulance, paramedics, emergency rooms of hospitals involved 5 minutes before arriving at your place of emergency and save your life. If the mobile is connected to some biomedical/wearable device, the Emergency app event could offer real-time signal vitals to the emergency health info stream.

Your access to your health and well-being information travels with you and shares it in an emergency situation with emergency services.

Innovation Details

Intellectual Property Summary

We are preparing for Copyright for our software. We are evaluating some potential patent about our smart care plans. Nevertheless, this patent could be valid in US., but not in Europe, where it's not possible to register Software patents, just Copyright

Clinical Information

Different published studies have noticed the importance of Patient Engagement, Remote Monitoring Care Coordination,  sharing of Personal Health Information, and Patient Relationship platforms improve outcomes with patients



Regulatory Status

We are not working in FDA clearance plan.

How we will use the funds raised

Marketing and sales

Thank You

I am looking for healthcare providers which are looking for solutions about how to increase their revenues based on new Digital health services beyond the clinic, automating the most important the external relationship process with patients.



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