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+WoundDesk Suite: A digital solution to insure continuity of care

by Patricia Sigam

Developing mobile health solutions to support care providers increase quality and efficiency by improving care processes.
Zurich, ZH Switzerland Community Access to Care challenge Social Determinants Data challenge NOLAHI Challenge - See All

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About our project

The problem we solve: Challenges in modern wound care: - Competences and skills: Different providers with very different competence and training are involved in wound care. With mobile technology it is made easier to access wound care guidelines, to improve wound assessment and to get treatment recommendations. - Wound care practice : 63% of nursing time is dedicated to wound management. Wound care is challenging and it’s sometimes difficult to bring the changes needed to improve patient outcomes. - Providers collaboration: the need for improved communication is well documented. With +WoundDesk we support care process, improve competence and enhance communication.

About our solution: Developed by clinicians for clinicians, +WoundDesk offer an integrated wound assessment and documentation solution at the point of care. +WoundDesk was designed to be simple, fast and intuitive. No special training is required; it is easy to use and incorporated into your daily wound care routine. Key Benefits • Monitoring of wound progress over time • Improved outcomes for patients and quality of life • Reduced nursing time and decreased wound related costs of care • Improved care coordination and operational efficiency • Analysed wound data to drive better care • Reduced paper-work to simplify your work • Transparent and flexible pricing

Progress to date:

+WoundDesk Suite is already available and have been used by 6'000 providers worlwide. A launch of a new version in planed for March 2019.

About Our Team

Creator: Patricia Sigam

Location: Zürich (de)

Bio: After her medical studies, Dr. Patricia Sigam started her medical carrier in surgery departments where she has been practicing during 6 years. Her interest in technology and in new ways of providing care brought her to eHealth. She worked more than 5 years as physician for several telemedicine companies in Switzerland. Beside this, she also achieved a Master Studies in Public Health at the University of Geneva. Passionate about the revolution brought by mobile technology in the society, she associate with an experimented It entrepreneur and founded in 2012 digitalMedLab, a startup with the aim of developing mobile solutions for Health Professionals.

Title: CEO

Advanced Degree(s): MD

About Our Company


Location: Konradstrasse 17
Zurich, ZH 8005

Founded: 2012


Twitter: @digitalmedlab


Other link:

Product Stage: Ready

Employees: 3-5

How We Help Patients

Our solution facilitate the communication between patient and care providers. It contribute to patient education and condition monitoring. The ease-of-use and the localization in native language, overcome some cultural barriers.

How We Help Physicians

The modern wound care includes an holistic patient-centric approach, the preservation of a wet wound environnement, the treatment of the underlying medical conditions and, last but not least, a multidisciplinary approach. The use of +WoundDesk for wound care offers the advantage of building communication bridges and enhances collaboration between care providers.

How We Help Hospitals

In wound management, the hospital play the role of reference center. The providers in hospital prescribe the treatment but it performed by other teams in home care institutions. +WoundDesk give the hospital providers the opportunity to review wound consultations realized at home and monitor them closely without transporting the patient to the consultation. Using +WoundDesk the hospital can make a triage and improve appointments and ressources allocation.

Challenge Mission

How We Address the Mission of The Challenge(s)

Improving access to primary care services is an issue for uninsured, underinsured and low-income patients, particularly those suffering from chronic disease. Taking in account the social determinant of health, it also clearly appears that this patient group is more affected by chronic disease. In the case of hard-to-heal wounds, the lack of wound detection and than wound healing monitoring has devastating consequences on health and socio-economic conditions. The existence of hard-to-heal wound is related to limited mobility and social exclusion. The impact on the quality of life is major, it’s probably the reason why some talk about “silent epidemic”. To achieve positive outcomes in the management of hard-to-heal wounds, a close monitoring of the wound healing is needed.

New Orleans and Our Company

If the solution is supported by health insurance, the value of the services will strength the relationship with health insurance and open a distribution channel to inform patient regarding health insurance system : health insurance enrollment, health insurance basics, overview of services, commonly used words and definitions, etc. Ultimately, the digital solution should be made with the target population in mind, be user-friendly, intuitive, and locally relevant. It should take into consideration the barriers identified and the known disparities in access to care in the area. If selected in the challenge we will start a close collaboration with a pilot in order to clearly defined the need, analyze the gap and plan the deployment. To do so we will spent weeks directly at the place to be able to work on a co-development basis. Our company is flexible and will work to adapt to the requirements and specifications of New Orleans.

Innovation Details

Intellectual Property Summary

Clinical Information

Find all the clinical validation: 



Regulatory Status

We are about to complete the ISO-13945 certification needed for CE Mark. We will realize a join process for CE Mark and FDA Clearance. The audit is planed for June 2019.

How we will use the funds raised

Our solution has been use by more than 3'000 care providers around the world in its first version. Based on the numerous feedbacks from users we were able to develop a version 2.0 including the inputs from the field. Having the great opportunity to have a so large test phase give our solution a high stability, the softwares are free from bugs and secure. In March 2019 we start our pilot campaing in 6 different contries including US, Brazil, Switzerland, Italy, Greece and Norway.

The solution will be at the same time depoyed in different settings including university hospital, nurse practice, wound center and research institutions. After this 3 months campaing we will launch the commercial version. Beeing part of the pilot campaign is the best way for an institution to explore and discover the potential of our technology and start ease the communication with patients and also between providers. 

Thank You

Next to high end affordable solutions,  we offer our partner full time assistance and a wide range of services in order to insure a successful implementation.

Here is what some of what our customers are saying about us:

"But for us, the most important advantage is the professionalism of the people that take part of digitalMedLab. Since we had some technical issues with our web connections especially when visiting patients at home in remote location, digitalMedLab’s team were constantly at our side to help us with the app and to give us some training (via Skype) on the use of the app."  Andreas Vitsos PhD Candidate, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens



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    Jeffrey Cooper posted on 22nd June, 2020

    Liked the project. Needs a diagnostic or senior center residential facility partner.

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  • Feedbacks Discussion
    Thanks to the anonymous visitor who sent us very interesting feedbacks. We will record them and use them to improve our solutions! Here some comments about the feedbacks: 1. Interesting idea, but it doesn't account for capturing social data on the patients it is treating. Answer 1: True, the good thing is that the structure of the solution allows us to integrate also social data very easily, in a few days the solution could integrate them. 2. I think it has the ability to improve wound care, but not to capture data on unmet social needs. Answer 2: True, the solution should be customized to this specific needs, see answer 1. 3. Yes - for a niche investor. I would want to see more partnership strategy for the US market - assisted living facilities, SNF, etc. Answer 3 : Yes, we build our business model more on strategic partnerships than on venture, our company is completely bootstrapped and not looking for funding but for partners to pilot the solution and work on the customization as well as distribution partners. 4. Great app, but perhaps not a great match for this particular social determinants data challenge. Answer 4: Thanks for your evaluation, it's a good motivation for our team, I will share with them.

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