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Mindful Tech for Mental Health: Doctor-Recommended Platform to Reinforce Well Being

by Delanea Davis

Overdoses are up 43. 11% of adults contemplating suicide. Employer and physician-distributed Mindfulness and Meditation can greatly reduce these stats along with related comorbidities.
Hartford, CT United States Mental Health COVID-19 Pain Management 2021 Vision challenge

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About our project

The problem we solve: Globally, we face a mental health epidemic within the COVID pandemic. Out of fear, individuals are not getting the help they need to avoid exposure to COVID. As a result, organizations are redirecting funds towards digital health solutions to address pain management, mental wellness and addiction so people have the help they need when they need it.

About our solution: Rooted in data and analytics, our clinically designed mindfulness platform allows us to white label a mobile app and customizes the experience for the client's wellness population with medical-grade mindfulness meditations, key contacts, mood tracking, 2-way communication messaging and more. Our AI smart platform then personalizes the experience at the user level to optimize the experience. Our 2015-filed patent (which is pending) describes this machine learning element in greater detail. Our growing library of meditations exceeds 500 with content that spans kids, teens, vets, patients, medical providers and employees.

Progress to date:

Milestones Achieved

  • Raised $780K in pre-seed so far
  • 5 paying B2B clients signed during COVID
  • 3 free trial agreements covering 40,000 employees
  • 3 Referral / Resellers Agreements representing nearly 2,000 organizations 
  • Revenue generating in market B2C app
  • World-class advisory board with Chief Medical and Chief Digital Officers who have just begun referring large business opportunities 

About Our Team

Creator: Delanea Davis

Location: Connecticut

Education: University of Connecticut

Bio: Delanea is the co-founder of a mindfulness technology & services company that is trailblazing in mHealth and telemedicine. The Cloud 9 Online digital platform provides an at-home healing tool to patients/employees and predictive analytics to medical providers to improve wellness outcomes. This white-labeled platform improves doctor/patient compliance while reducing use of pharmaceuticals. Currently in phase one clinical trials, Cloud 9 Online combines Science-Powered, Clinically Designed Meditation Therapy with cutting-edge technology. Delanea is an expert in market research, organizational psychology and new product development. She also brings more than 20 years of expertise building and leading teams and has a passion for innovation in the insurance and healthcare industries. Delanea is also an avid writer. Her first book personal wellness book, Rune Reading Your Life, is now available at your favorite bookstore or online retailer.

Title: CEO & Co Founder

Advanced Degree(s): MA

About Team Members

Henry Edinger
COO & Co-Founder, MA
Biography: A former Dow 30 executive, Henry was one of the first-named Chief Customer Officers in the US. Henry's areas of expertise are vast, covering: Customer Experience, Business Performance & Process Improvement, Product & Service Innovation, Sales & Marketing and Innovation. Henry holds multiple patents for innovation in process improvement and claim handling efficiency.
Title: COO & Co-Founder
Advanced Degree(s): MA

About Our Company

Cloud 9 Online

Location: 20 Church Street
Mezzanine Level
Hartford, CT 06103

Founded: 2013




Other link:

Other link:

Product Stage: In the Market

Employees: 10-20

How We Help Patients

Meditation is scientifically proven to reduce stress and anxiety, assist with sleep, and reduce chronic pain. By delivering mindfulness meditations digitally through doctors and employers, we will enable the widespread adoption of mindfulness as a solution to physical and emotional pain and reduce dependency on prescription drugs. When we meditate, we relax the mind and body which changes our physiology. As our physiology improves, we boost our immune system which improves longevity and quality of life. Unlike other meditation apps, we co-create our meditations in partnership with medical providers making our meditations disease state-specific and evidence-based. We leverage best practices in hypnotherapy to ensure every word directs listeners towards the positive wellness outcomes they need following a clinically designed process. We offer the highest quality, most effective meditations ion on the market today and are in 2 clinical studies to prove it.

How We Help Physicians

40% of patients are not compliant with doctor orders. 50% of patients misuse their prescription medication. This strains the healthcare system and contributes to physician burnout which impacts 40% of healthcare providers. Our platform serves as a "doctor in your pocket" with meditations, reminders, and information that will improve patient engagement and compliance. Our app leads to patients becoming more proactive about managing their health and assists in situations such as pre-surgery anxiety, post-surgery comfort, sleep and more.

How We Help Hospitals

We provide a sustainable, scalable and affordable solution to combat the mental health crisis. Compounded by COVID, 53% of adults are struggling with mental health issues. 11% of adults and 25% of young adults have contemplated suicide as a result of COVID. Overdose are up 42%. The number of Americans reporting anxiety symptoms is three times the number at this same time last year, according to the CDC, and several studies have shown that the pandemic has hit Black people and other people of color the hardest. The pandemic has also taken its toll on caregivers, according to the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association. The national analysis of at least 6.7 million caregivers insured by the association found that 26% of unpaid caregivers trying to balance work and family due to Covid-19 are feeling more stress and have poorer physical health than before the pandemic. While the world struggles to manage the initial waves of death and disruption caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, there is mounting evidence accumulating that "a second wave" linked to rising rates of mental health and substance use disorders could be building, according to an article published Monday in the medical journal JAMA.

How We Help Partners

We help our partners show their employees, patients & family members that they care about mental health and wellness for fraction of the cost of in-person programs and services. By doing this, we build brand equity and goodwill for our partners. By offering 24/7 anytime anywhere for when people need it most, we reinforce employee and patient intimacy and loyalty.

Innovation Details

Intellectual Property Summary

The examiner's office told us we will hear back within the next 6 months.

Patent Link
Pub No. US 2020/0005927 A1

Clinical Information

There are no regulations around digitally mindfulness at this time.  However, we are in a clinical pilot with Hartford Healthcare so we can learn ultimately how to "dose" mindfulness.

Regulatory Status

This is not yet on our product roadmap.

How we will use the funds raised

Our priority is to advance our machine learning capability and in-house analytics function.

Thank You

Having lost two mothers to mental illness and opioid overdose at age 23 and 36, I decided to take a radical pivot in my career from being an insurance executive to being a health tech pioneer. In 2014, I made a commitment to spend the rest of my life developing innovative tools that alleviate the suffering that stems from mental illness and physical pain. What initially started as a holistic wellness center evolved into the Cloud 9 platform which allows me to scale teaching mindfulness as a  way to train the brain to heal the body. I was gifted with the intelligence, passion, creativity, and leadership skills to reach 1 billion lives and more, and that is what I intend to do with the help of other like-minded individuals that want to leave this world a better place.



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Delanea Davis
CEO & Co Founder
University of Connecticut

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