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Tension traction device: An innovative wound healing device to regenerate lost skin

by Anuroop Gogi

The Tension traction device stretches the skin around a open wound, thereby halving the healing time and preventing need for hospitalisation or skin grafting.
London, KEN United Kingdom Medical Device Home-Based Care Geriatric Medicine

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About our project

The problem we solve: Open gaping wounds are a challenge to treat for physicians, surgeons and nurses. Some of them can be closed with skin grafting and skin flaps but these procedures are expensive and cause additional morbidity.

About our solution: The Tension Traction Device is a wound healing device which is applied around an open wound. It stretches the skin on both sides of the wound so that the wound edges are gradually brought closer. This in addition to regular cleaning and dressing helps in quick healing of the wound.

Progress to date:

We have been using crude version of this device for the last decade with excellent results. We now need funding to try different materials in making the device so that it becomes cheaper and more effective. 

About Our Team

Creator: Anuroop Gogi

Location: London, City of

Bio: I am a Physician with specialist interest in Gastroenterology and Metabolic diseases. I have been working in clinical practice for 20 years in UK and India.

Title: Managing Director

About Our Company

Gogi Healthcare Limited

Location: Baydon Court, Durham Avenue
London, KEN BR2 0RF

Founded: 2008

Product Stage: Prototype/MVP

Employees: 3-5

How We Help Patients

Open gaping wounds, for eg in diabetics, after an accident, after surgery, cause heart-breaking morbidity. Skin grafts and flaps are expensive and cause more pain and suffering. The Tension Traction device reduces this suffering by helping close the wound and avoiding further surgery. 

How We Help Physicians

The Tension Traction device benefits Community nurses and General Practitioners immensely. Chronic wounds (such as diabetic ulcers or bed sores) require regular cleaning and dressing. An adjunct such as this device applied during every dressing will reduce the healing time in half.

How We Help Hospitals

The device reduces hospitalization and length of hospital stay. Patients can be taught to apply the Tension Traction device themselves so that pressure on Hospital staff gets reduced. 

Innovation Details

Intellectual Property Summary

The phrase "Tension Traction Device" has been trademarked as a wound closure device in perpetuity. 

Ideas from this device can be used to create crude versions on medical wards with other materials. 

Clinical Information

We have used the device in over 200 patients in the last decade with excellent results. The efficacy can be seen in the accompanying video. 

Regulatory Status

Not required. 

How we will use the funds raised

The funds are needed to test new materials in the device, their tensile strength, their durability and in comparison to the stainless steel which we are currently using. 3D-printing materials will also be tested. We also plan on sending samples to community nurses and GPs so that the device can be applied during wound dressings and the patients themselves can be taught how to tighten the device gradually so that skin gets stretched. 

Thank You

This device will make a big difference to the elderly, diabetics, post-surgical patients and anyone with a opengaping wound. Instead of having further cosmetic surgery such as skin grafting and flaps, the TENSION TRACTION DEVICE utilises the elasticity of the skin to heal the wound. It will also immensely help community nurses, GPs, surgeons and physicians who are involved in wound care. 


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