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About our project

The Problem we solve:

We live in a world with a great many sources of stress. In many, this builds to the point of being “too much” and results in major episodes or PTSD. Trauma and the awareness of trauma’s effect is epidemic. Stress and PTSD causes panic attacks, crowded emergency rooms, and some studies indicate up to 70% of medical office visits. Businesses lose productive employee time and stress and personal lives have myriad issues related to PTSD, anxiety, and excess stress that lead to many secondary problems including but not limited to domestic violence, abuse, drug and alcohol problems, and even death.

Our Solution

The Se-REM CD is an effective treatment for any trauma. The discovery of EMDR therapy, while widely used, is still largely unknown by the public and even professionals. Se-REM has magnified the therapeutic effects of this already significant therapy. Then we have coupled it with Hypnosis, Mindfulness and classical music to make the experience not only effective but pleasant. Bi-Iateral stimulation is the best and perhaps only way to alter and dissolve the chemicals in the brain that stubbornly hold onto traumatic emotions for years after the event.

Why We Care

I became a therapist thinking in some small way I could contribute to the world’s mental health, one or two people at a time. I feel honored to have the opportunity to give something to the world that could affect thousands of people’s well being. This is more important to me than making a profit on Se-REM.

How Se-REM Works:

In this self-therapy, a person only needs to sit and day dream with their eyes closed while listening to a guided session and then visualize the traumatic events that are troubling them. This can be a challenge as most people want to compartmentalize these feelings, to bury them. These feelings stay buried in the person’s mind and affects them in negative ways. There is absolutely nothing negative in the Se-Rem CD, but it can give rise to a significant catharsis. Afterwards, the day dreamer feels the relief.

Clinical Proof to date

Seven out of 10 users are shocked at the effectiveness of Se-REM. Of those who are less affected, 9 out of 10 continue to use it for it’s ability to relieve stress. EMDR has been studied extensively and shown to be extremely effective. This is advanced EMDR. For an objective assessment of the status of EMDR therapy please visit the wikipedia page on the subject which has many good scientific citations.

How We Help Patients:

Patients with Anxiety, panic attacks, PTSD, grief, anger management issues, can treat themselves at home for a minimal cost with our solution.

How We Help Doctors (or Other Care Givers):

If you are a physician who would prefer to not have to prescribe anti-anxiety medications, suggest to your patients that they try Se-REM first. We have patients who use it every day and tell us it is more effective than their previous medications. If the anxiety is trauma related, the anxiety will dissipate.

How We Help Hospitals, Institutions, and/ or Medical Facilities:

All psychiatric hospitals should have Se-REM as a part of their in-patient treatment. The patients are safe in this protected environment yet too often hospitals rely on the therapeutic milieu to effect change as well as medication. Se-REM gives patients the opportunity to do significant meaningful therapeutic work, and then continue when they are discharged. Any hospice or other facility that deals with death and dying ought to have Se REM to provide to their patient’s relatives to ease their grief.

Find us online at


For $ 5 or more

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If you know someone with anxiety or panic attacks, PTSD, or grief, or childhood abuse and you understand how difficult it is for them to find relief, your contribution will help us make this treatment known and available both in the US and in the rest of the world. You have our Thanks.

For $ 15 or more

0 Supporter(s)

You can make this a donation, or buy a Se-REM CD. If you want to spread the word about how helpful this is please like us on Facebook, and tell others when you see they are stressed or grieving or recovering from any trauma. Keep your Se-REM CD for the rest of your life knowing that in future times of stress or trauma you have at home treatment you can rely on.

For $ 30 or more

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Se-REM will mail a hard copy CD or Flashdrive that you can use on your computer. Know that with your donation/purchase you are contributing to your mental health as well as the world's.

For $ 50 or more

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Free consultation to any Dr. who purchases Se-REM on the various uses; when it is most applicable, and when a patient might need to be referred to counseling.

For $ 89 or more

0 Supporter(s)

If you find your patients benefit more than you imagined and you can see that the whole world would benefit, contribute so that this can be produced and translated into many languages. A pre-loaded MP3 player with Se-REM, along with ear buds will be mailed to you ready to be used by anyone. Can be kept in your office or emergency room or treatment facility to be used over and over again on different patients who seek relief from their anxiety.

For $ 250 or more

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I will consult at no charge with any hospital, or other institution, about how best Se-REM can be used by their staff.

For $ 2000 or more

0 Supporter(s)

I will be available to present to your hospital staff the discovery process and the best applications of Se-REM, no charge for the speaking fee and minimal expenses paid.

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