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About our project

Welcome to the first ever:


This year, whether or not your loved ones have been naughty or nice, give them a gift that will make them healthier. Give the gifts of health, innovation, and inspiration.

It’s post Thanksgiving, so we know health is on your mind. Only a few weeks left to binge before New Year’s goals have you dieting, exercising, and so on. So our gift to you is this — the Holiday Gifts List below of projects that offer innovative products that can help you, your friends and family live a healthier lifestyle. In addition to having the most unique gift under the tree, you’ll also have that warm fuzzy feeling knowing that YOU are driving healthcare innovation and making it possible for all the patients you do and don’t know to access better care.

PS ~ If you have a product that you think should be in our showcase, please put a link in the comments section and call 530.MEDSTARtr (that’s 530.633.7827). No MedStartr project required.

Products that Help Us Survive Being a Patient

Book: The Patient’s Checklist

10 Simple Checklists to Keep You Safe, Sane and Organized (Sterling Publishing) was written by Patient Advocate, Elizabeth Bailey and called “a godsend” by The New York Times. The book provides 10 user-friendly, common sense checklists to help patients and caregivers navigate and better manage complex, confusing and often dangerous high-tech hospital care.

“Elizabeth Bailey’s book could save your life. I’ve been pushing for people to understand how checklists work and can be made to empower them. Bailey has done precisely this for patients – that is, for all of us.”
-Atul Gawande, MD, New York Times bestselling author of The Checklist Manifesto

Buy it here by taking the reward at the right or visit Elizabeth’s site at

Couplewise- To Keep Your Relationship and You Healthy

Couplewise solves the issue of how to keep love, not just find it. Their program helps identify needs, problems and solutions for couples in a manner that doesn’t blame the other partner and gamifies therapeutic techniques. Because unstable marriages have adverse affects on health, the software ultimately aims to benefit people by reducing stress and protecting their relationships without necessitating expenditure on therapists.

The reward special they’re offering for this Holiday Showcase is $30 for a 2 month subscription for one couple or 2 subscriptions for 2 couples for one month each.

The Patient Pod, Your Portable Advocate

The Patient Pod gives your loves ones comfort, security and a clean, accessible place for personal items when in hospitals or medical settings. Created by a patient advocate after the long hospitalization of her father, the Pod combines 10 features to help the patient communicate, store notes, keep hands clean to guard against infection, and manage their care post-discharge. Can be personalized with photo, name, and note advising of special need. Patent-pending, swiveling clip attaches to bed rail, walker, wheelchair, home furniture, back of airplane seat, etc. The Patient Pod will retail for $25, although this holiday season, it’s available for $19.95. Available early January.

My Heartshield, Saving Lives One Aspirin at a Time

The holiday season brings forth celebrations with family and friends, feasting and the creation of new memories and traditions. Unfortunately, the holiday season is heart attack season as stress, cold weather and over indulgence take their toll on your health. If you are experiencing an impending or evolving heart attack, there is a precious, short window of opportunity to save your heart or your life by taking an aspirin.

The Heartshield™ Cardiac Rescue Pill Capsule allows you to keep aspirin in a watertight, durable and accessible pill case, at your side, always. In a heart attack, time is life. Heartshield™ gives you time. Available immediately.

Products that help us and our loved ones Age with Grace

GeriJoy: Talking Pets for Grandma & Grandpa!

GeriJoy is an MIT-based company that makes talking pets. GeriJoy’s iPad/Android tablet-based service relieves stress from families and some of the effects of depression and dementia by providing always-available companionship for elderly loved ones. Beyond the proven health benefits of pet therapy, GeriJoy’s pets combine software and human intelligence to provide compassionate conversation about topics such as photos and updates from family. This application will retail at $99/month ($199 for tablet) and will be available December 20th, 2012!!!

Products for Breast Cancer Survivors and Previvors

The Breast Cancer Checklist

The Breast Cancer Checklist book is the only guide with easy-to-use checklists for what to do before, during, and after breast cancer surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation, for your health, your family, and yourself. Includes checklists for everything from organizing family and work life during treatment to listings of free gifts and free vacation opportunities available to breast cancer patients and survivors. A great gift for patients and friends who know someone facing this challenge. This is truly a gift of knowledge and security. The book will retail for $19.95 and is available from December 1st!!

BraGGs Bras – For the Reconstructed Girl!

braGGs bras were designed and produced by 2 sisters facing breast cancer for women who have undergone mastectomies or reconstructive surgeries to help them feel normal, beautiful and supported. Specials include bras for yourself or a loved one or the ability to inscribe a personal message of hope on a production line! A great gift for an aunt, friend, or neighbor who has faced breast cancer. This product will retail for over $80; to be shipped late January!

And, if you don’t like black, visit their website and order from other styles and colors! Or, grab a gift certificate!

Products for People with Back Pain

PowerStretch Stick – The Stick that Backs Love

The PowerStretch Stick is a motorized device that can be effortlessly used to achieve full body flexibility. Virtually everyone with back pain or those who want to improve performance or just improve the quality of their daily life will benefit from the PowerStretch Stick. There are no real shortcuts to strength and aerobic conditioning. But when you use the PowerStretch Stick, you just sit there relaxed and push the button and it does all the work! It is just like having a partner stretch you, but you can do it by yourself

Successfully funded on 11/26, products will ship in March 2013. Be sure to choose the PowerStretch Stick’s holiday deals on the right. This is perfect for anyone who plays sports, is aging, has back pain, or enjoys Yoga!

The Ab-Bed – The Exercise Machine Backs Love

The Ab-Bed was our very first successful physical therapy project that is now going into production. Built ruggedly enough for professional use, but affordable enough for home use, this product will help tighten and strengthen your abdominal muscles and let you keep your lumbar region immobilized at the same time. Perfect for those with back problems. To be shipped for arrival in early January!

Other Magical Healthy Holiday Gift Ideas

1) Check out Sarah Kucharski’s (of FMDChat) whole catalog of Holiday cheer

2) You can also get the Supercool MedStartr T-Shirt depicted here. The front, chest area has been designed by Dr. Nima Sheikholeslami of PositiveMed and the back by the famous Regina Holiday. This is participatory medicine MedStartr style!

The front:
The back:

Talk to Us; Send us Holiday Messages or Carols; or Register Your Project Here!

Register on the site!
Like us on Facebook!
Follow us on twitter!

Thank you for shopping on MedStartr and a Happy Holidays to all!

Yours Truly,
Alex, Komal, Mike, Theresa, Igor, Courtney, Aneesh, Brett, and the rest of the MedStartr Team!


For $ 20 or more

0 Supporter(s)

ONE BREAST CANCER CHECKLIST book for a strong woman about to face or facing breast cancer. Available from December 1st; please add $5.95 for international shipping.

For $ 20 or more

1 Supporter(s)

1 Heartshield™ Cardiac Rescue Pill Capsule. This beautifully made, unique capsule has a jewelry quality and shows your commitment to cardiac health. Manufactured in anodized aluminum with a brilliant red finish, it has a finely threaded end cap with rubber O-ring seal. Carabiner style clip allows flexibility to carry on key ring, backpack or clothing. Holds full aspirin dose for emergency use in case of cardiac event. Laser engraved with website and instructions. Includes printed instruction and information card. Aspirin not included. Free shipping in US. Available immediately.

For $ 21 or more

0 Supporter(s)

ONE PATIENT POD for a family member or loved one who might be spending time in a medical facility or perhaps in a wheelchair! Great for carrying glasses, medication, notes, pictures and more! Please add $5 for shipping; $10 for international. Available early January! AND... We'll also send you A FESTIVE HOLIDAY GIFT CARD with a picture and details of the product, with a "To" and "From" section, so that you can present it to your loved one on the HOLIDAY itself!

For $ 22 or more

0 Supporter(s)

BOOK: THE PATIENT CHECKLIST by Elizabeth Bailey. Includes Shipping and Handling. Available Immediately!

For $ 25 or more

0 Supporter(s)

Get the COOK SAFE DEVICE & app for $25 this holiday season and use it for ONE YEAR. Make sure your parents and grandparents are safe wherever they are, and help them stay in touch with you! AND... We'll also send you A FESTIVE HOLIDAY GIFT CARD with a picture and details of the product, with a "To" and "From" section, so that you can present it to your loved one on the HOLIDAY itself!

For $ 27 or more

0 Supporter(s)

MEDSTARTR T-SHIRT Designed by Dr. Nima Sheikholeslami and Regina Holliday. Add $10 for international shipping.

For $ 30 or more

0 Supporter(s)

COUPLEWISE -- For Couples: Get a 2 month subscription (value $30) or 2 one month subscriptions for you and your partner as well as a gift for your friend or parents, or married kid(s!

For $ 50 or more

0 Supporter(s)

ONE braGGs “everyday” style BRA in basic black with a hidden INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE. This bra will retail for more than $80. Your survivor or previvor will feel confident, beautiful & complete again when they get dressed each morning! Free shipping to the USA; add $10 for shipping to Canada and $15 for international. Available late January. AND... We'll also send you A FESTIVE HOLIDAY GIFT CARD with a picture and details of the product, with a "To" and "From" section, so that you can present it to your loved one on the HOLIDAY itself!

For $ 90 or more

0 Supporter(s)

GERIJOY: Give Grandma or Grandpa a caring and talking pet this Year. Choose from dogs or teddy bears that will help make sure your elderly loved one stays connected with friendly, easy to use technology. This offer is for a ONE MONTH subscription an iPad or Android. GeriJoy's talking pets deliver your messages and photos and are interactive in amazing ways. Also available pre-loaded on a tablet. See details at left for more information.

For $ 119 or more

0 Supporter(s)

POWERSTRETCH SPECIAL: 1 PowerStretch Stick and we will recognize you on our MedStartr Wall of Fame on our website as an original backer. PowerStretch Sticks will retail for $149. Free shipping to USA. (Add $35 for international shipping.) Estimated Delivery March 2013. AND... We'll also send you A FESTIVE HOLIDAY GIFT CARD with a picture and details of the product, with a "To" and "From" section, so that you can present it to your loved one on the HOLIDAY itself!

For $ 269 or more

0 Supporter(s)

Get the AB BED™, designed for use at home. Choose between our two designs: either 1) the canary yellow base with royal blue and tomato red inlays or 2) the black base with black and gray inlays. (Includes $50 shipping fee for the continental US only). We'll email you to thank you & ask for your color preference. Delivery expected by January.AND... We'll also send you A FESTIVE HOLIDAY GIFT CARD with a picture and details of the product, with a "To" and "From" section, so that you can present it to your loved one on the HOLIDAY itself!

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